Instrumentation, Measurement & Control

  • Alco Valves

    Alco Valves

    Centro is a leading distributor of Alco Valves – trusted manufacturers of instrument valve manifolds for use in industrial environments. For over 40 years, Alco Valves Group has been providing high-quality, reliable valves for use in critical applications around the world. When you purchase an Alco valve, you can be confident that you are getting a product built to last.


  • Ametek US Gauge

    Ametek US Gauge

    Centro is an authorized distributor of AMETEK - U.S. Gauge. Ametek is a world-leading supplier of high-quality pressure gauges, diaphragm seals, temperature gauges,  bi-metal thermometers, chemical seals, and thermowell fittings. 


  • Ashcroft


    Centro is an authorized distributor of Ashcroft, a leading distributor in pressure and temperature measurement instruments for use in the steam industry.

    Centro offers Ashcroft products including pressure sensors, transducers, transmitters, pressure gauges, pressure switches, bi-metal thermometers, diaphragm sels, calibration instruments, and much more. 




    At Centro, we are proud to be a Bebco EPS / Pepperl+Fuchs Purge and Pressurization Systems distributor. Purge and pressurization is a highly efficient explosion protection method for today’s global automation market.


  • Bindicator


    Bindicator is a full service supplier of point and continuous level sensors for industrial applications. Whether you need to monitor and measure your dry bulk levels or require a level sensor that can withstand heavy-duty construction, Bindicator has a range of sensors that make sensing easier.


  • Conoflow


    ITT Conoflow designs and manufactures natural gas vehicle (NGV), low pressure and high pressure regulators along with filter and specialty regulators. Their positioners, transducers, actuators and diaphragm seals come in a wide variety of materials and configurations to meet your broad range of application needs. ITT Conoflow serves the chemical processing, CNG market, food and beverage, petroleum, medical, pulp and paper and other global markets.


  • DK-LOK


    As a distributor of DK-LOK controls, Centro is proud to offer its line of instrument fittings and valves. DK-LOK instrument fitting and valves are used in industrial operations to ensure processes' safety, accuracy, and flow. DK-LOK products provide an efficient and secure connection between gas, water, steam, or oil lines and other elements connected to these systems, such as pressure gauges, regulators, and controllers.


  • Dwyer / Mercoid

    Dwyer / Mercoid

    Centro is proud to be a distributor of Mercoid controls and valves. For over 150 years, Dwyer Instruments, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer in the controls and instrumentation industry. With a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Dwyer has continues to grow and serve major markets such as HVAC, food processing, oil refining, heavy industrial manufacturing, petrochemical plants, and electrical utility facilities.


  • Dwyer / Universal Flow Meters

    Dwyer / Universal Flow Meters

    In 2021, Universal Flow Monitors was acquired by Dwyer Instruments, a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative sensors and instrumentation solutions for the IAQ, building automation, and process automation markets. Centro is proud to distribute the Dwyer Rocon - Delta Point Manifold Flow Sensor.


  • Ecom


    For over 20 years, ECOM America has been the leading manufacturer of portable emission combustion analyzers. Their instruments provide reliable and accurate results for most combustion applications in the market, and their team’s commitment to safety, compliance and service is unparalleled.


  • Ernst Flow Industries

    Ernst Flow Industries

    Ernst Flow Industries is dedicated to delivering the highest quality liquid level indicator and flow gauge products available on the market, backed by the level of service that is synonymous with the Ernst® name. Their product and industry knowledge provides customers with the answers they need to purchase the best liquid level measurement and flow gauge instruments. From pressure gauges and water flow meters to boiler gaskets and sight gauge glass, Ernst has everything you need to maintain or upgrade equipment at your facility.


  • Eurotherm


    Centro is an authorized distributor of Eurotherm by Schneider Electric. Eurotherm is your go-to supplier for automation and information technologies. From systems to software solutions and services, they cover everything in order to help you out.

    Eurotherm provides a wide variety of products that are rich in features and designed to make your life easier. The product range is easy to operate with potentially reduced engineering time. Eurotherm offers a range of control algorithms, recording, data management strategies which improve quality, reduce waste and ensure data is safely stored over time.


  • Flowline


    Flowline offers the best ultrasonic, float and pressure level measurement solutions for your chemical, water and wastewater tank requirements.


  • Foxboro by Schneider Electric

    Foxboro by Schneider Electric

    Centro distributes Foxboro, a world-leading technology innovator in instrumentation and control. Foxboro manufactures SCADA systems, industrial wireless technologies, and more.

    Schneider Electric has owned the Foxboro brand since 2014. Their long history of innovation continues with their commitment to providing customers with the best products and services. They have an award-winning Distributed Control System, and you can rely on Foxboro for dependable instrumentation.


  • Gems Warrick Controls

    Gems Warrick Controls

    Warrick® Conductivity liquid level control systems rely on the liquid level sensing capability of probes (electrodes) that are housed inside fittings designed to accommodate one or more probes. The concept is simple: take advantage of a liquid’s conductive properties to complete a circuit and cause a control relay to actuate. These single- or multi-point sensors have no moving parts and the stainless steel corrosion-resistant electrodes can be cut to the desired length. Multiple probes per fitting allow control of several functions in less space with less expense for equipment and installation. To create a system select from numerous level controllers, fittings and probe options. For OEM’s we also have the capability to custom configure liquid level control units and electrode fittings to meet your specific level control application requirements.


  • Graphic Controls

    Graphic Controls

    As the world leader in industrial monitoring supplies, Graphic Controls manufactures thousands of different charts to fit most recorders in use today. Their custom press capabilities enable Graphic Controls to create a chart for any need or application.


  • Hoffer Flow Control

    Hoffer Flow Control

    Centro is an authorized distributor of Hoffer Flow Controls precision flow meters. Hoffer Flow Controls manufactures a wide range of positive displacement (PD) flow meters, Coriolis mass flow meters, vane anemometers, and other types of flow measurement devices. The company's products are used in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, power generation, and water and wastewater. 


  • Honeywell


    Honeywell manufactures a full and comprehensive range of portable and fixed gas detection products dedicated to all types of industrial facilities, from smaller boiler rooms to large petrochemical plants and oil refineries. Honeywell’s wide range of technologies and devices – gas detectors, flame detectors, natural gas alarms – provide exceptional protection at every level, ensuring the most favorable coverage, detection, hazard mitigation and life protection.


  • Hyett


    Hyett Diaphragm Seals offer superior construction features for total dependability, including top quality steel and other materials, precision machining of threaded connections. Hyett Food & Beverage Seals are made with all stainless steel parts; upper housing, lower housing, diaphragm and 2″ quick-disconnect clamp. Hyett Seals are made in the USA.


  • Kistler-Morse


    Kistler-Morse is a world-renowned manufacturer of bulk solid weighing and level instrumentation products. Centro is proud to offer Kistler-Morse products to our customers because of their reputation for quality and reliability.


  • Kobold


    Since 1980 KOBOLD has been a world leader in process measurement and control solutions. The company offers one of the industry’s broadest lines of sensors, switches and transmitters to measure and control flow, pressure, level and temperature. KOBOLD sensors and controls include flowmeters, flow switches and flow transmitters, pressure gauges, pressure transmitters and pressure switches, level switches, float switches, level gauges, level transducers, level indicators and level transmitters, temperature switches, temperature gauges and temperature transmitters, and accessories, including magnetic filters, needle valves, regulating valves, control devices and relays.


  • Liquid Controls

    Liquid Controls

    Liquid Controls has the expertise to offer support for the industry's wide variety applications. Liquid Controls meters are designed to handle the industry's toughest fluid metering applications.  Liquid Controls combines over a half-century of application experience in Positive Displacement flow meters and accessories with the addition of Sponsler turbine meters, electromagnetic flow meters and coriolis mass flow meters, to ensure that the meter is suited for the application.


  • Macnaught Flow Meters

    Macnaught Flow Meters

    Macnaught Pty Ltd, a privately owned company established in 1948, has been designing and manufacturing premium quality fluid measurement, fluid transfer and lubrication equipment for the agricultural, automotive, industrial, mining and transport industries across the globe for over six decades. Macnaught continues to lead the market by providing its strategic partners with superior product options and quality service to ensure ongoing loyalty. We value the relationships we maintain in the industry and are committed to ensuring we continue to add value to the businesses we serve.


  • Madison Company

    Madison Company

    Madison Company is a leader in liquid level technology, best known for its float switches and liquid level sensors. Container overfill or container emptiness can contribute to needless time, money, and frustration during specific processes.


  • Marsh Bellofram

    Marsh Bellofram

    Marsh Bellofram is a world class instrumentation manufacturer, with powerful product support, and near flawless distribution. Marsh Bellofram is an AS9100C and ISO9001:2008 certified leading global manufacturer of high-performance OEM, industrial and process control instrumentation, including timers and counters, digital controllers and panel meters, RTD’s and thermocouples, pressure instruments and gauges, FRLs, cylinders, natural gas and propane pressure regulators, air pressure regulators and transducers, tank and liquid level measurement systems, pump and motor protection switches and alternating relays, as well as sensors, DC tachometers, encoders, industrial diaphragms, and specialty silicones.


  • Mcdaniel Controls

    Mcdaniel Controls

    First conceived in 1972 when a liquid fillable gauge appeared on the American market, McDaniel developed the first all stainless, liquid fillable, field repairable line of pressure gauges. With pressure ranges from 1.6 inches of H20(WC) up through 60,000 psi and dial sizes of 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", 4", 4 1/2", 6" and 10" - of quality construction; all-stainless steel, brass, etc. McDaniel has the largest and finest selection available. Many "first of its kind" were manufactured with only one thought in mind: "purposeful construction". Economical and dependable operation with cost as only a secondary consideration. Engineered to withstand 300% full scale pressure without rupture of the bourdon tube and 130% full scale pressure(for all instruments larger than 2 1/2") without loss of accuracy makes us the exception in the marketplace today.


  • Mid-West


    Mid-West Instrument's uses the latest technology for integrating the design engineering testing, manufacturing and assembly of Mid-West's line of precision instruments. Mid-West Instrument has been providing Differential Pressure Products since 1958. With a majority of our DP Gauges, Switches, Transmitters and Backflow Test kits manufactured in the state of Michigan USA, with product warranties ranging from One (1) Year to an industry leading Five (5) Year Warranty.


  • Niagara Meters | Aaliant

    Niagara Meters | Aaliant

    Niagara Meters have long been recognized for their reliable, accurate flow measurements in different industries. Centro is well versed in Niagara's popular Aaliant branded strain gauge target meter - a popular precision instrument designed to measure highly accurate strain or force measurements. It is perfect for industrial and research applications such as stress testing, load monitoring, and product development. Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport and install wherever needed.


  • Palmer / Wahl

    Palmer / Wahl

    America's first thermometer company originated in Cincinnati, OH in 1836. Since that time, Palmer Instruments has steadily evolved through product development geared exclusively towards industrial supply and process measurement. From development of the "Foster Cup" thermometer in 1880, through the radical improvement of thermometer legibility by the patented "Red Reading Mercury" tube in 1929, to today's temperature and pressure measurement innovations, Palmer has always maintained the "first" tradition by bringing instrument value, service and quality to a broad range of industries. Palmer has developed special-application products such as Dual-Sensing and "Slip-fit" thermometers, and pioneered new industry services such as free lifetime recalibration on pressure gauges.


  • Pepperl-Fuchs Process Automation

    Pepperl-Fuchs Process Automation

    The Pepprel + Fuchs Process Automation Division is the market leader for intrinsically safe components & products for hazardous area applications. Their products allow you to combine a wide range of electronic equipment into complete system solutions- including intrinsic safety interfaces, remote I/O, Fieldbus/HART, purging & pressurization, level sensing, corrosion detection, power supplies, signal conditioning & fieldbus interface products.


  • Perma-Cal


    Perma-Cal® Industries, Inc. has been a leader in quality and design of Direct Drive Pressure Gauges since 1980. Reliable in the most rugged environments, Perma-Cal gauges are designed to withstand hostile applications, including intense vibration, shock and over-pressure. For this reason, Perma-Cal gauges are well suited for Aerospace, Military, Marine, Petrochemical, Industrial and Commercial Diving applications.


  • Phoenix Contact

    Phoenix Contact

    From the terminal block to the controller, you can look forward to a comprehensive range of components and systems. Innovative I/O wiring systems and industrial plug-in connectors ensure efficient power and data transmission. Whether PCB connection or electronics housing: you'll find your individual solution. Phoenix products are based on a systemic approach and can be combined in a variety of ways for a customized package to implement special tasks.


  • Precision Digital

    Precision Digital

    Established in 1974, Precision Digital Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, sells and distributes digital devices driven by embedded systems that transform, display and control critical process information. Products will accept virtually any analog signal such as 4-20 mA, thermocouple, RTD, DC voltage and pulse as well as digital serial data, such as Modbus. Products include Digital Panel Meters, PID Process and Temperature Controllers, Annunciators, Multi-Channel Controllers,Loop-powered Indicators, Flow Rate Meters and Totalizers, Batch Controllers and Pump Controllers.


  • Pyromation


    Pyromation is a premier manufacturer of RTD Temperature Sensors, thermocouples, transmitters, and thermowells. They have been operating for over 50 years to deliver high-quality RTD Temperature Sensors, thermocouples, transmitters, and thermowells in North America. Pyromation is an ISO 9001 registered firm. They produce a range of parts and assemblies, both in standard shapes and custom designs in varying temperatures, which are used on equipment and in process applications.


  • Quest Tec Solutions

    Quest Tec Solutions

    Centro is proud to be an authorized distributor of Quest Tech Solutions, a leading provider of liquid-level measurement instruments and products. Quest Tec is widely renowned for their innovative and reliable glass sight gauges, boiler gauges, magnetic gauges, valves, switches, and more.


  • Reotemp


    Centro is proud to offer products from the renowned US-based manufacturer Reotemp, which specializes in temperature and pressure instrumentation. Their wide selection of products includes Compost Thermometers and Pressure Gauges, Diaphragm Seals, RTDs, Thermocouples, and Pressure Transmitters, perfect for industrial engineering applications. 


  • Sage Instrumentation

    Sage Instrumentation

    Centro is a leading distributor of Sage Instrumentation thermal mass flow meters. In the case of gas flows, a thermal mass flowmeter is used to measure the speed at which a fluid flows, the volume that has flowed, or the quantity of fluid supplied. Sage meters can measure up to 1% accuracy and flow rates in excess of 500m3/hr.


  • Sensortec


    SensorTec offers a full line of Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) for almost any application. SensorTec offers three basic types of thermocouples: Mineral Insulated (MgO), Tube & Wire, and Industrial thermocouples. SensorTec offers a full line of RTD and Thermocouple thermowell assemblies. SensorTec offers a complete line of accessories from standard plugs and jacks to thermocouple and RTD wire.


  • Signet /  Georg Fischer

    Signet / Georg Fischer

    Centro provides a broad product range of Signet/Georg Fischer measurement technologies for different parameters. The brand is renowned for manufacturing reliable products that ensure high-precision control and data accuracy. Furthermore, the combination of their innovative drive technology, control functions, and communication technologies makes their solutions ideal for industrial automation applications


  • Stauff


    Over the last 50 years, STAUFF has become a leading supplier of accessories in the hydraulics industry.  From the beginning, STAUFF has focused on market requirements, offering high-quality products in conjunction with outstanding service.  STAUFF is tuned in to the needs of the global market and this, together with the benefit of an experienced and highly motivated team of employees and the use of innovative technology, enables the company to offer a sophisticated product range which will satisfy the requirements of each and every customer worldwide.


  • Taylor Precision Products

    Taylor Precision Products

    Centro, an authorized distributor of Taylor Precision Products, brings you the best in North American precision engineering. Our products from Taylor include thermometers, scales, and other measurement products used across various industries.


  • Techline


    Techline Mfg. was founded in 1982 as an industrial support manufacturer. Since that time Techline has emerged as one of the nation's leading manufacturers of tubing and instrument support systems. They offer a wide range of raceways, fittings, clamps, fasteners, stands, chambers, and manifolds.


  • Trerice


    Since 1923 H.O. Trerice Co. has endeavored to produce a complete line of the highest quality temperature and pressure instrumentation and controls for the various industries it serves. Trerice's track record of engineering and manufacturing excellence has provided us with an internationally recognized reputation for performance in service and product.


  • Van London

    Van London

    Van London Co. is the world leader in analytics instruments, pH and conductivity probes. As Van London’s authorized distributor, Centro provides Van London's wide selection of electrodes, sensors, assemblies, and accessories for a variety of applications such as laboratory work, titration, biotech, potentiostatic chlorine and industrial uses.


  • Waltron


    Centro is an authorized distributor of Waltron, the leading provider of water and steam quality analytical instruments for the Power Generation, Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, Water/Wastewater, Semiconductor, and Environmental industries. Waltron offers customers cost-efficient solutions that provide easy-to-use products to allow efficient analysis of specific elements in their products.


  • Weksler


    Specified around the world for the most demanding requirements, these instruments are widely recognized under the brand names Ashcroft,® Heise,® Willy,® and Weksler.® They can be found in wastewater treatment facilities, biotech and pharmaceutical labs, medical applications, semiconductor facilities, refineries, power generation plants, food processing plants, pulp and paper mills, chemical manufacturing plants and the host of support companies that serve these industries.


  • Wika


    WIKA is world market leader in pressure, temperature, and level measurement instrumentation. WIKA's quality management system has been certified to ISO 9001. Their high quality and safety standards have even found their way into the standardization systems of many countries around the world.