Van London

    Van London

    Van London Co. (VLC) manufactures a wide variety of electrodes, sensors, assemblies and accessories for pH, Contacting Conductivity, Toroidal Conductivity, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Optical Dissolved Oxygen, Karl Fischer, Ion-Specific and Custom Designs. Direct Replacements for Laboratory, Titration, Biotech, Potentiostatic Chlorine and Industrial applications are available for all major brands.

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    The Van London Co. has several options for every priced high-quality pH and ORP electrodes for the industry. The VLC in-line and laboratory sensors come features with our Solid Polymer Reference (SPR) electrolyte system. This system provides a more dense and stable matrix than other gelled electrode reference systems on the market. As such, the SPR system offers reliability and stability in contaminated samples, thus lowering maintenance time and extending sensor lifetime, leading to a reduction in overall sensor replacement costs.


    Direct Replacements

    This series of Van London Co. sensors designed to replace the TBI/ABB/Barben Analytics “BAT” and other major manufacturer sensor assembles. They are manufacture with Solid Polymer Reference (“SPR”), a unique cross-linked polymer formulation for: 

    • - Extended Life
    • - Designed for Harsh Environments\

    Our new glass formula (“GXV”) yields:

    • - Low Impedance / Fast Response
    • - 0-14 pH
    • - Ruggedized Measuring Membrane


    IpH, ORP, and ISE General Purpose Glass Body Sensors

    These general-purpose sensors are the backbone of any lab. Numerous options are available, including Mono and Combination Electrodes, Sealed and Refillable References, and various Reference Fill Solutions. 

    These electrodes incorporate the newest pH glass formulations and References technologies to produce faster response times, excellent stability, and superior reproducibility, all at a competitive price. We offer pH, ORP, and 20 other Ion Selective varieties. Direct Replacements are available for all major brands. 


    pH and ORP Epoxy Body Sensors

    These economical electrodes are manufactured with chemically resistant epoxy, making it excellent for use with portable meters or benchtop meters in harsh applications. Durability, Accuracy, and Economy are the critical factors with these sensors.

    Options include Tuff-Tip TM (with Temperature Compensation), Platinum and Gold ORP, Detachable Lead Wires, Customer Reference Solutions, Reduced Body Diameter, and Numerous Connectors mate to all commercially available meters. Available measurements are pH, ORP, and 20 other Ion Selective varieties. 


    Twist-LockTM Sensors

    The Twist LockTM sensor and adapter are designed to convert a standard pipe tee into a low cost, low maintenance flow-through sensor assembly.  Once a 1/4 turn is required for field maintenance or sensor replacement, threading is eliminated. The adapter is available in a variety of materials & connection sizes for easy installation. 

    The Van London Co. (aka Van London pHoenix Co.) Twist LockTM mounting system provides continuous pH, ORP, or Conductivity monitoring with safe and convenient service capability for any flow-through system. Typical installations include by-pass streams, sample systems, or sensor stations.