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Instrumentation provides the dashboard for measuring and controlling industrial process manufacturing. Deliberate and highly intentional use of the products of the Instrumentation, Measurement, Control Division provides our customers with the ability to run their plants at peak efficiency.

The Instrumentation, Measurement and Control Division of Centro has experience with process variable measurement and control for pressure, temperature, flow, level, analytical, and gas detection safety products. In close collaboration with our key vendors, we can select and apply the most appropriate products to provide our customers with the information they need to ensure the reliability and control of key manufacturing processes.

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Centro has in-depth and comprehensive experience in control technologies and applications across industries such as chemical manufacturing, energy generation, pulp & paper, food & beverage production, and refining. Centro has best in class vendors and experience in:

  • Single Loop, Batch Controllers, and Integrated Control Solutions
  • Portable and Fixed Systems Toxic Gas Detection
  • Industrial Fire Safety Systems
  • Mechanical Instrumentation

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Industrial process control is a comprehensive and deliberate application of measurement and control technologies that continuously provide feedback to the plant operators. This critical task can be positively impacted by the implementation of product and measurement techniques that keep plant operations always aware of the essential manufacturing processes in the plant environment. Whether the customer is operating in a batch or continuous process environment, the ability to measure critical tasks accurately is the key to process safety, reliability, and efficient output.
  • H1 Foundation Fieldbus,
  • Profibus segments and
  • Intrinsically Safe methods of explosion prevention.
Centro can assist with applying application solutions and selecting a bill of material after considering segment or line load limits and instrument entity parameters. We have signi cant experience working with reliability, plant operations, and product quality groups in many different industries.



  • Sourced 3D Hazardous Mapping Studies and Simulation
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling for Industrial Fire and Gas Prevention
  • Customer Technical Product Training
  • Brand Specific Factory Authorized Instrument Repairs
  • Fully Authorized Mechanical Gauge Repair and Assembly
  • Fully Authorized Diaphragm Seal Repair and Assembly
  • Inventory Consignment Programs
  • Vendor Managed Inventory Programs
  • 24 Hour Emergency Response
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