Instrumentation, Measurement & Control

The Instrumentation, Measurement & Control division offers products and applications expertise focused on controlling, measuring and monitoring the variables in a process environment.

Whether it is flow, pressure, level, pH or conductivity the instrumentation product offering pulls together the various elements of the manufacturing process. By leveraging the total product offering of the six Centro divisions, the Instrumentation, Measurement & Control Division can create product and application focused solutions that will optimize plant operations.  Regardless of whether the goal is improved quality, cost reduction, reduced energy consumption, more production or a new project, the Instrumentation Division can work to pull together all of the elements of the process flow to reach customer goals. 

Instrumentation and the customer’s operating system are the “heart” of the plant and the Instrumentation, Measurement & Control Division works as the heart to coordinate and control the other important functions within the plant environment.

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