Pump and Seal

The Centro Pump and Seal Division focuses on industrial processes where moving flow efficiently, effectively, and safely through a manufacturing facility is the critical component of the customer process.

By providing the proper pump, seal, and control technology, the Centro Pump and Seal division can significantly impact manufacturing efficiency, process reliability, customer product quality, and overall plant safety. Centro is committed to providing the expertise, support, repair services, world-class, industry-leading products, and product partners to lower customer operating costs and help our customers reach their goals.



By matching the correct pump to our customer’s specific manufacturing needs, Centro can reduce customer Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and improve critical customer processes.



Centro understands the critical role proper sealing can have on pump efficiency, process reliability, and product quality. By applying Centro expertise, we can help solve customer sealing issues by providing the correct seal technology, inventory management issues, and repairs.



by finding opportunities to improve flow controls resulting in efficiency gains, better productivity, and energy savings. The application of proper control technologies, including Variable Speed Drives and Control, can reduce energy expenses, improve pump life, and improve pump reliability.



Centro can repair customer pumps and seals utilizing in-house capabilities, repair shop partnering agreements, and the extensive network of repair centers maintained by the various product partners we represent.


Centro has a highly trained team of field sales and inside customer support specialists. The Centro team can support our customer decisions on plant layout, piping changes, and product selection. Our engineering support team can help customers reach their manufacturing and cost goals with our customers.