Valve Actuation and Engineered Products

Two major drivers of cost and process quality are process temperature control and flow efficiency. The Valve, Actuation & Engineered products division manages temperature control by applying steam system products and/or electric heat trace products.

By applying steam and heat tracing technologies this division can reduce manufacturing costs, improve product quality and lower maintenance costs.  Pumps, boilers and compressors represent the three largest consumers of energy in most manufacturing environments.  By working with customers on the design of their steam or electric heat trace system Centro can reduce energy consumption, improve reliability and increase customer profitability.

We work with customers to manage process flow efficiency regardless of whether the type of media in the customer’s process—whether it is water, or corrosives, or gas or steam or other process media.  From manual valves to intelligent positioners, control valves and asset management software this division works with customers to optimize manufacturing output, improve plant reliability, reduce downtime and lower MRO expenses.  By connecting to the in plant network or distributed control system we can create an environment where predictive maintenance and manufacturing reliability can be improved.

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