Valve Actuation and Engineered Products

The Centro Valve, Actuation and Engineered Products Division is focused on industrial manufacturing where Process Control, Flow Control, Electric Tracing, Steam Control, and Loading and Unloading can have a significant impact on manufacturing efficiency and product quality.

Centro has the best-in-class product lines and the experience to apply the Valve, Actuation and Engineered products to create integrated process solutions for our customers that will lower the total cost of ownership and support our manufacturing goals for customers.



In a process environment where products flow in all directions, many different valves must be used in a highly deliberate plan to optimize your process. By matching the right valve to your application, Centro can reduce your downtime, improve process reliability, and optimize your manufacturing output.



Centro can help engineer and design an Electric Heat Trace system that fits your needs and gives you improved temperature control. Proper application of Electric Heat Tracing can improve process reliability and lower manufacturing costs by creating highly reliable temperature control in the manufacturing process.



Centro partners with our customers to achieve their goals by finding opportunities for improvement within the context of Steam Utilization. Steam is an essential process utility used widely in a variety of manufacturing operations. The quality of the steam, control of the heat, water content of the steam system, and natural gas consumption has the potential to dramatically improve plant reliability, improve product quality, and reduce operating costs.



Centro has deep experience and an industry-leading product for loading and unloading of rail cars and trucks. Proper application of critical loading and unloading techniques can improve process work flow and eliminate manufacturing bottlenecks that can slow down production or affect your product quality.



Centro can automate your valve needs and conduct light valve repair. Our experience in valve repair and automation can lower our customers’ operating costs and reduce the number of spares that are held on-site for maintenance and repair operations.