Purification & Filtration


Proper application of filtration technology can have a huge impact on operations in a process or manufacturing environment.   By properly applying products from the Purification & Filtration Division we can control the air system in a way that reduces the cost of the system and delivers air at the right pressure and in the right condition so that the equipment in the plant works correctly and without unnecessary wear.  Also in a process environment where the customer’s product has to be filtered as part of the process, the Purification & Filtration Division can optimize manufacturing to improve product quality, system output and lower costs. 

By properly matching filtration technology, filter media and the system operating characteristics production can be improved while reducing production costs and waste.  The Purification & Filtration Division will also work with other Centro divisions on solutions that integrate other products to meet EPA requirements and achieve specific customer manufacturing goals.

3M Water Filtration

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