Filtration & Process Systems

  • 3M Purification / CUNO

    3M Purification / CUNO

    3M offers a wide-range of industrial water filtration products and solutions – from water quality to industrial manufacturing to industrial equipment. 3M  has been in the filtration business for over 90 years and provide high quality filtration products to address challenging filtration processes in the Water, Industrial and Biopharmaceutical markets. Together with Centro, 3M  is always ready to assist customers with their most challenging filtration problems.


  • Ace Manufacturing

    Ace Manufacturing

    Under their flagship brand, Delpark Filters®, Ace Manufacturing offers a complete line of liquid filtration equipment and technologies for industrial and commercial use. Ace Manufacturing's Delpark Gravity Bed Filters are continuous, automatic, industrial filters for liquid gravity filtration.


  • Air Control Industries

    Air Control Industries

    Air Control Industries (ACI) has over 50 years of experience engineering air delivery systems for global markets. Their product offerings include stand-alone fans and blowers, air knife systems, bottle and can drying systems, cable and wire drying equipment, and personnel de-dusting units.


  • Airpro Fans

    Airpro Fans

    Centro is an authorized distributor for Airpro Fan & Blower Co., a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty industrial process centrifugal fans and blowers. If you have a need for a centrifugal fan in your facility, look no further than AirPro Fan & Blower. 


  • Airsweep / Control Concepts

    Airsweep / Control Concepts

    AirSweep is a Control Concepts material activation system that eliminates bridging, ratholes, and material handling build-up. Each nozzle emits a high-pressure, high-volume, 360-degree burst of compressed air to lift and sweep stalled material back into the flow stream – clearing the way for higher factory and material handling efficiency.


  • Airtech


    Airtech is an industry-leading manufacturer of vacuum pumps and blowers, including a full line of regenerative blowers and a wide range of vacuum and pressure technologies, including liquid ring vacuum pumps, DC variable speed blowers, vacuum pump blowers, and oil-free vacuum pumps. ​


  • AJR Filtration, Inc.

    AJR Filtration, Inc.

    AJR Filtration, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high-quality industrial filtration solutions. The company's top products include liquid and dust replacement bags, pleated bags, and cartridges.


  • Aquamatic


    Centro is a distributor of Genuine AquaMatic Valves and Controls. AquaMatic is mainly known for its industrial and commercial diaphragm valves, which Pentair formerly manufactured. AquaMatic now produces these valves under the AQ Matic brand name.


  • Balston Parker

    Balston Parker

    Centro provides the broadest range of Parker Balston Filters for your industrial compressed air needs, including merging, particulate, adsorption filters, dryers, filter-regulator-lubricator combination units, compressed air accessories, and nitrogen generators.


  • Beko


    BEKO provides Centro's customers with a broad product spectrum of industry leading solutions for all of their compressed air challenges through their automatic drains, oil and water seperators, and dryers.


  • BHA/Parker


    BHA Filters from Parker are designed to decrease maintenance time and labor costs while adding value to customers' dust collection systems. BHA Filters are pleated, cartridge, and membrane bag filters that are made for proven performance and durability. The filter bags are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit the needs of any industrial operation.


  • Carlisle Fluid Technology | Binks | Devilbiss

    Carlisle Fluid Technology | Binks | Devilbiss

    Centro is proud to be a Carlisle Fluid/Binks/Devilbiss Painting Spraying Equipment providing businesses and automotive refinishers with the latest Binks products. Carlisle's DeVilbiss Automotive Refinish division offers targeted solutions for today's body shop. Popular Binks products include spray guns, air filtration, safety equipment, and disposable cups.


  • Clear Edge

    Clear Edge

    As a leading distributor of Clear Edge products, Centro is your source for high-quality Dust Collection Bags and Filter Press Cloths. Clear Edge has years of experience designing and manufacturing filtration products, and their products are known for their long-lasting performance.


  • Clemco


    Clemco is the world's largest manufacturer of air-powered blast equipment used to clean, deburr, shot peen, remove coatings, finish, or otherwise improve the surface being blasted. Clemco's four brands deliver quality abrasive blasting products and product support tailored to meet the needs of our diverse customers.


  • Cleveland Vibrator Company

    Cleveland Vibrator Company

    Centro and Cleveland Vibrator Company are committed to providing customers with the best material handling solutions. With our combined knowledge, we provide a full range of vibratory products designed to meet any application requirements. Our team of experts is available to assist customers in selecting the right vibration equipment for their needs.


  • Conveyors Inc.

    Conveyors Inc.

    Conveyors Inc. continues to provide service for existing and new equipment including complete engineered systems covering screw conveyors, bucket elevators, drag conveyors, vertical screw lifts, mixers and blenders. Materials of all compositions from carbon steel to most exotic alloys have found application in the various markets serviced by Conveyors Inc. Custom design applications include food grade systems, grain and feed installations, abrasion resistant units, sewage treatment facilities, and the chemical industry with its wide variety of needs.


  • Delta Pure / AJR Filtration

    Delta Pure / AJR Filtration

    Centro is proud to be partnered with Delta Pure - a renowned provider of high-quality cartridge filters and systems for water, process fluids, and more. We are also delighted that AJR Filtration now offers both string wound filter cartridges as well as melt-blown and carbon-wrapped options that were formerly manufactured by Delta Pure Filtration.


  • Donaldson


    Donaldson develops, manufactures, and markets a full line of industrial hydraulic filters for the protection of machinery and components in hundreds of applications -- in the factory and on heavy duty-mobile equipment. Whether the need be for filter housings, filter heads, replacement cartridges, spin-ons (e.g. Donaldson Duramax™) or hydraulic accessories, turn to Donaldson.


  • Evoqua Filtration

    Evoqua Filtration

    Dewatering Filter Presses also known under names such as JWI, USFilter, Perrin and Siemens. The industry leader in dewatering for over 40 years in any process that requires a separation between liquid and solid suspension, Evoqua has been setting the standard. Applications for filter presses range from industrial waste sludge, lime softening residuals, high solids mineral processing, to high-tech circuit washing and more. Whatever your dewatering needs Evoqua has the necessary equipment. We even carry mobile and portable filter presses. Our filter presses are designed to be fully automatic, running lights-out, with automatic plate shifters and clother washers, or manually with manned plate shifters.


  • Finite


    Parker Finite Airtek Filtration Division (FAF) is a world leader in compressed air treatment, industrial process water chillers and carbon dioxide (CO2) purifiers for the beverage industry boasting four distinct brands: Airtek, domnick hunter, Finite and Zander. They offer a dedicated solution for every application, including compressed air treatment, industrial process water chillers, and breathing air systems.


  • Fluidtrol


    Manufacturer of corrosion resistant basket strainers, bag and cartridge filter housings. Certified to ISO9001:2008 Standards.


  • Fox Valve

    Fox Valve

    Fox Valve manufactures a broad range of engineered products based on one core technology: venturies, under the brand Fox Venturi Products. These range from off-the-shelf solids-conveying, liquid, and gas jet eductors to highly qualified flow controls for spacecraft, energy research, and advanced product development projects. All can be supplied in quantities of one to five thousand per year (or more).


  • Global Filter

    Global Filter

    Global Filter provides "Validated Filtration Solutions to Industry Leaders"® Some of the world’s largest companies trust their most critical filtration requirements to Global Filter. Advanced technology is a pillar of Global Filter’s business and they’re known as a leader that successfully tackles the difficult challenges. Their engineers and technicians work closely with customers to identify specific filtration needs and provide research and development support for major filtration projects.


  • Hayward / Eaton Filtration

    Hayward / Eaton Filtration

    Centro is dedicated to providing superior customer service and expertise in the industrial filtration industry. Through our partnership with Hayward Industrial now Eaton, we distribute their strainers, bag filters, vessels, and automatic strainers.


  • Innovative Air Technology

    Innovative Air Technology

    Innovative Air Technology dehumidifiers are in use in countless industries worldwide. Our customers are involved in unique and exciting applications such as: food processing, pharmaceuticals, AeroSpace exploration, ice rinks, chemical processing, water treatment plants, test rooms, libraries, museums, and many more. Innovative Air Technologies is proud to maintain an excellent reputation within these industries by complete customer satisfaction through on-time deliveries, defect free material, and impeccable service.


  • Islip Flow Controls

    Islip Flow Controls

    IFC manufactures and stocks a full line of Flow Control Products. Most product lines are available in sizes up to 60” in diameter and pressures up to 10,000 PSIG. Readily available and stocked materials of construction are cast and ductile iron, bronze, carbon steel and stainless steel in pressure classes 125 lb through 1500 lb. For extreme and special operating conditions, products manufactured from special alloys can also be supplied.


  • Jonell Filtration Products, Inc.

    Jonell Filtration Products, Inc.

    JONELL JAF Industrial Air Filters are designed for use with most brands of industrial engines. JAF Series filters are available in a variety of filter medias and highly robust in steel framing materials. The carefully designed combination provides the highest in solids holding capability and application compatibility while maintaining the heavy duty total design required to withstand the toughest applications.


  • Knight Filtration

    Knight Filtration

    Knight Corporation has manufactured liquid filter bags and other filtration products for industrial applications throughout the world. SK15 and SK30 filter housings in carbon steel or stainless steel accommodate most size 1 and size 2 filter bags and can handle up to 100 gpm. Most styles are in stock and ready to ship!


  • Koch


    Koch Filter Corporation is a world class manufacturer of air filtration products. Koch Filter is recognized globally for its premier brand of high efficiency air filtration products and the industry's broadest range of air filters for any application. Koch Filter has evolved into a full-line supplier of after-market filter products, offering the industry's broadest range of air filters for any existing housing.


  • Lincoln


    Lincoln Industrial provides the worlds best lubrication solutions across a wide range of markets, including  Heavy and General Industry, Automotive Service, Off-Road Equipment, and Over-the-Road Equipment.  Our cost-effective systems can be configured to suit a wide range of needs, from automatically feeding thousands of lubrication points on a fleet of road-graders to providing manual lubrication for a small automotive garage.


  • Manchester Tank

    Manchester Tank

    MANCHESTER TANK, a division of McWane, Inc., is the premier manufacturer of pressure vessels for the containment of propane, compressed air, and chemicals in the United States, Canada, Australia and Chile. The company's broad product line includes Department of Transportation (DOT) approved steel and aluminum cylinders ranging in size from 5 to 420 pounds and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) approved steel tanks ranging in size from 1 to 30,000 gallons.


  • Masterduct


    If you're looking for high-quality, lightweight, flexible, abrasive-resistant, heat tolerant, and high-quality technical hoses, then Masterduct is the right choice for you. Save money with superior industrial hosing products that are more cost-efficient and have a higher ROI than other popular industrial hose brands. 


  • Matrix Separations

    Matrix Separations

    Matrix is a worldwide leader in filtration and separation product innovation focused on high performance and reliability. Their products include: XLC Filter Cartridges, E-Series Wound Depth Cartridges, SNO-SPUN (Thermally Bonded Cartridge), Molded Resin Bonded Filters, Filter Bags, Carbon Cartridge Filters, Filter Vessels and Pleated Cartridges.


  • Newson-Gale


    Centro proudly partners with Newson Gale to bring their cutting-edge products for protecting against bulk solid material explosions. These static electricity grounding and bonding systems offer vital safety features, including electrostatic discharge that prevents hazardous build up of energy from reaching risky levels.


  • Nordfab Ducting

    Nordfab Ducting

    Nordfab Ducting is a manufacturer of environmental technology products. They supply cleaner air for workers and equipment in workplaces of all sizes and types. Nordfab Ducting is an integral part of dust, mist, and fuse collection systems around the world.


  • Parker (Aspire)

    Parker (Aspire)

    As the global leader in filtration technology, Parker Filtration and its partner, Aspire®, provide customers worldwide with innovative solutions to their most critical liquid or gas venting and microfiltration challenges. Together they offer best-in-class filter pads designed for superior efficiency that boast high flow rates, low differential pressures - all while providing excellent dust retention capabilities.


  • Parker Process Filtration

    Parker Process Filtration

    Centro is proud to distribute Parker Process Filtration, renowned for its liquid filtration media and vessels. With solutions like bag filters, cartridge filters, and filter vessels designed to meet the specific needs of various industrial processes - from oil & gas refining through food production or microelectronics – end users are assured of product quality.


  • Peco


    For over 80 years the PECO brand of products has led the way in oil & gas filtration solutions. Customers trust the PECO brand for quality and performance to handle complex contaminant management issues. Total cost of filtration is not just about how much a filter costs, but rather how much overall cost of maintenance it can reduce. Adding PECO filtration vessels and cartridges to your process will diminish contaminant build-up in process equipment, protect critical equipment from damage, help minimize downtime, lower energy consumption, and keep gas and liquid streams within spec.


  • Pneu-Con


    Over the last 42 years, Pneu-Con has grown to be a leading provider of smart-engineered pneumatic conveying systems and bulk material handling equipment and solutions with special expertise in food, grain, coffee, dairy, nutritional, chemical and pharmaceutical applications. their team has acquired a vast amount of bulk material process knowledge and experience over the past four decades. Pneu-Con's engineers can solve even the most complex dry bulk material application challenges and are considered top pneumatic conveying system expert consultants on best-in-class methods of moving dry bulk material and powders.


  • Quick Draft

    Quick Draft

    Quickdraft pneumatic conveying systems provide unparalleled reliability and efficiency, keeping both your product and profits moving. Pneumatic conveying enables optimal system configuration, simplifies installation and maintenance while freeing up valuable floor space. No fan blades in the material stream means less noise, no product damage and maximum reliability for 24/7/365 operation. Quickdraft systems are designed and fabricated to expertly meet or exceed your expectations, with ongoing, outstanding customer service and support.


  • Ronningen-Petter (RPA) / Eaton Filtration

    Ronningen-Petter (RPA) / Eaton Filtration

    RPA/Eaton is a leader in liquid filtration and represents Ronningen-Petter (RPA) legacy filtration products. Centro continues to supply and support Ronningen-Petter filters.

    Centro is a distributor of the best self cleaning and backwash filtration systems by RPA/Eaton. From automatic self-cleaning filters to industrial strainers, RPA/Eaton is the industry leader in all your backwashing needs.


  • Seebach Filtration

    Seebach Filtration

    Seebach Filtration produces tailor-made solutions for use in the automobile and chemical industries, mining, the pharmaceutical industry, the food and drinks industry, and for particle filtration in hot or chemically aggressive gases and fluids. Seebach is able to achieve flexibility and optimum adaptation to customer requirements due to their highly skilled staff and modern processing machinery They manufacture tools and moulds for producing custom-made filters . Filter media like stainless steel meshes, laminates, or metal fibre fleeces are supplied by well-known manufacturers from all over the world.


  • Sefar American / Filtra Spec Inc.

    Sefar American / Filtra Spec Inc.

    Sefar is the leading manufacturer of precision fabrics from monofilaments for the screen printing and filtration markets. Sefar products are used in a wide variety of industries, reaching from electronics, graphics, medical, automotive, food and pharmaceutical applications to aerospace, mining & refining and architecture. With its profound under- standing of the applications Sefar helps its customers to achieve optimum results in their industrial processes. Sefar offers an extensive line of wire cloth products in all alloys and grades, as well as press paper, cellulose pads, DE and Carbon impregnated filter paper, felts, non-wovens and woven roll goods.


  • Shawndra Products

    Shawndra Products

    Shawndra is the leading supplier of industrial air and gas filters worldwide. They have developed the broadest product line of high-quality filters and proprietary and patented products through cutting-edge industrial technology. Centro is proud to be an authorized distributor of Shawndra's innovative products, providing reliable service for customers in need of air intake, silencers, blower filters, and oil mist eliminators.


  • Siftex Equipment Company

    Siftex Equipment Company

    Siftex is proud to be one of the most comprehensive suppliers of flexible connector solutions worldwide. When you need flexible connectors for your powder and bulk solid processing, get better connected with Siftex. We maintain a large stock of standard connector types, materials, and sizes. Custom connectors are our specialty. You can find replacements, upgrades, and innovations for your plant's flexible connection need by contacting your local Centro Salesperson.


  • Solberg


    Manufacturer of Inlet Air Filter-Silencers and Exhaust Air Oil Mist Filters for the air compressor, blower, engine and vacuum pumps. Solberg is a filtration, silencing and separation specialist dedicated to engineering and manufacturing innovative solutions that help customers in a wide variety of markets.


  • Strainrite


    Strainrite offers liquid filtration products throughout North America. The combined capabilities and approvals in automotive, paints, coatings, adhesives, plating, inks & chemical industries makes Strainrite a great choice for your filtration partner.  Strainrite's product lines are comprised of liquid filter bags and cartridges, and filter bag and cartridge housings.


  • Thermal Care

    Thermal Care

    Thermal Care Inc. is the industry expert and value leader in process cooling solutions. In everything they do, Thermal Care believes in providing superior equipment for customers who require high quality performance and superb value, while fostering exceptional service and inspiring confidence in their customers and employees. From their corporate headquarters in Niles, Illinois (near the Chicagoland area), Thermal Care Sales Engineers are ready to assist you with all your process cooling requirements (whether domestic or international). As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, Thermal Care provides heat transfer equipment for various industries and specializes in meeting the specific needs of customers by offering a wide range of standard, off-the-shelf models and integrated, custom designed industrial process cooling solutions.


  • Tower Tech

    Tower Tech

    Tower Tech's patented Modular Cooling Tower, the world's most efficient cooling tower, has been specified by more than a thousand discerning users who demand the greatest process efficiency and the best reliability and built-in redundancy.


  • Transair


    Transair, a product line by Parker Hannifin, is a quick connection piping solution. Parker has an extensive history of application success within the fluid and gas handling industry. Parker’s team of highly qualified application engineers, product development engineers, and system specialists are working in the forefront of the piping industry to developed this innovative range of quick connect piping solutions for liquid, inert gases and compressed air. In addition to its professional clean look, ease of use and flexibility, the Transair compressor piping solution never corrodes or degrades leaving your compressed air system free from iron particulate contamination.


  • UAS/Parker


    UAS Parker is a well-known name in the industrial dust and mist collection equipment industry. For over 20 years, UAS Parker has been providing high quality products to their customers. UAS Parker is proud to offer the SmogHog and DustHog lines of industrial dust and mist collection equipment. The SmogHog line is specifically designed to collect smokestack smoke and fumes, while the DustHog line is designed for the capture of general industrial dust.


  • VAF Filtration Systems

    VAF Filtration Systems

    For 30 years VAF Filtration Systems has been providing filtration solutions worldwide with a business model built on Simplicity, Quality and Integrity. VAF filters qualify for LEED and ARRA funding, as all materials, manufacturing and assembly are done in the US. VAF was incorporated in 1979 with a charter to distribute and manufacture innovative fluid handling equipment for industry. In 1993 VAF began manufacturing automatic self-cleaning water filters and control valves leading up to the introduction of the V-Series(TM) filter in 2002. They specialize in self-cleaning automatic water filters, cooling tower Filters and cross flow sand filters.


  • Vibra Screw

    Vibra Screw

    Vibra Screw Incorporated was founded in 1955 by Eugene A. Wahl, whose experience in solving problems in the process industries led to revolutionary ways to discharge and meter dry solids. Today, with a staff of experienced and talented engineers and technicians, Vibra Screw is the leader in solids processing, with high quality equipment to store, discharge, meter, convey, size and blend.


  • Vincent Corporation

    Vincent Corporation

    Vincent Corporation specializes in the design, engineering and manufacture of screw presses. These are machines that squeeze liquid out of organic material, operating in a continuous (not batch) mode.  Vincent's strongest selling tool is a rental fleet of over one hundred fifty machines. This includes Series CP, KP, VP and TSP presses, along with auxiliary Fiber Filters, shredders, and static screens (used for pre-thickening).  Vincent Screw presses have been installed in over a thousand sites in more than thirty countries delivering results in highly challenging and equally demanding industrial applications.


  • Yardney Filtration

    Yardney Filtration

    Yardney offers a complete line of filtration systems for industrial and commercial applications. The Yardney industrial product line includes three distinctly different types of backwashing media filters including the technologies of Sand Media filtration, Multi-Media filtration and Granular Activated Carbon filtration.