Filtration & Process Systems

  • 3M Purification Inc.

    3M Purification Inc.

    3M™ offers products and solutions worldwide through our Industrial & Water Business Unit, including 3M™Water Filtration System, Industrial Filtration and Liqui-Cel® / Liqui-Flux® Filtration, and our Life Sciences & Integration Business, including Biopharmaceutical Purification, Medical & Industrial Membranes and Polymer Additives.


    Centro and 3M™can perform a FREE onsite system and performance optimization analysis. Get in touch with a Centro 3M™ representative by completing this online form or by calling (901) 472-3229 and asking to speak to Tommy about 3M™. 



  • Ace Manufacturing, Inc.

    Ace Manufacturing, Inc.

    Under their flagship brand, Delpark Filters®, Ace Manufacturing offers a full line of liquid filtration equipment and technologies for industrial and commercial use. Custom designed solutions for industrial coolants, wastewater/effluent treatment and solids separation are engineered to provide the highest quality standards using the most cost effective treatment solutions available. Ace Manufacturing's use of innovative technologies and customer specific evaluations provide sustainable environmental solutions to meet and exceed the challenges of any process filtration requirements.


  • Airtech USA

    Airtech USA

    Airtech Vacuum Incorporated is a full line manufacturer of regenerative blowers and a wide range of vacuum and pressure technologies including liquid ring vacuum pumps, DC variable speed blowers, vacuum pump blowers and oil-free vacuum pumps. Airtech provides products and services throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Our pumps and blowers are utilized for most applications in many industries where vacuum and/or pressure are required.

    Airtech’s unique custom solutions approach and willingness to design and build for customers’ needs differentiates them from the competition.


  • American Air Filter

    American Air Filter

    AAF offers the most comprehensive global manufacturing capabilities in the air filtration industry, and each facility is specifically designed to manufacture and test the most complex clean air solutions. Additionally, each facility manufactures to the appropriate international quality and performance standards. AAF's corporate quality policy best states the company's commitment: Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement are our highest priorities. Product quality cannot, and will not, be compromised.


  • Ametek Filters

    Ametek Filters

    Ametek filter cartridges provide superior loading and adsorption, as well as broad chemical compatibility. Ametek will gladly develop customized solutions for unique filtration challenges.

    Pentair's water filtration and purification technology serves industrial, residential, commercial, and municipal customers. Pentair's products facilitate pure, filtered water on demand for critical functions ranging from foodservice to aquaculture.


  • Apel


    APEL has become an industry leader in the design and manufacture of replacement cartridge filters, pleated bags and fabric filters for dust collection, dry process filtration and pollution control systems. APEL specializes in manufacturing products for dust collection, powder coating, as well as cartridge, pleated bags, minipleat v-bank, panel, pocket, hepa, and conventional bag filters.


  • Aquamatic



    AQmatic is the Manufacturer of GENUINE AquaMatic Valves & Controls!

    AquaMatic valves, stagers and controllers are key components in systems that improve water, concentrate wastes and enable clean water to be recycled or returned to the environment. AquaMatic products are industry-proven and have a reputation for durability and low life-cycle costs. A dedicated team of professionals provide aftermarket service and support unparalleled in the industry.

    The entire AQ-matic Product Catalog of Aquamatic products [PDF 63MB, 246 pages]


  • Beko


    BEKO TECHNOLOGIES provides customers with a broad product spectrum of industry leading solutions for all of your compressed air challenges through their automatic drains, oil and water seperators, and dryers. For more than two decades, BEKO has developed, manufactured, and sold high-quality, reliable and efficient components and systems for compressed air processing and condensate technology. Now, BEKO offers a complete program for all tasks related to the transport and processing of compressed air.


  • Clark Reliance Filtration

    Clark Reliance Filtration

    Clark-Reliance’s Filtration Group provides complete turn-key skidded engineered systems, ASME filtration and separation vessels, aftermarket filtration elements an experienced and knowledgeable engineering staff - creating a unique, single-source provider in the filtration and separation industry.


  • Clear Edge

    Clear Edge

    Clear Edge Filtration™ offers a large variety of specialty filtration products for numerous industry applications. Screen and filter products include filter media, screening and sieving products created from synthetic, metallic, spiral and ceramic materials amongst others.


  • Clearstream


    Clearstream Filters Inc. is a full line supplier of liquid filtration products and services which include self indexing Myco Media Filter, bag filter housings, basket strainers, and liquid filter bags.
    The self indexing Myco Media Filter, designed for greenhouse and industrial applications, supports flow rates of up to 900 US gal/ min. and can be custom fit to your specifications. It is a reliable means of removing solids from process liquids. The Myco media filter is a non pressurized system which is economical and easy to operate.


  • Clemco


    Clemco is the world's largest manufacturer of air-powered blast equipment used to clean, deburr, shot peen, remove coatings, finish, or otherwise improve the surface being blasted. Clemco's four brands deliver quality abrasive blasting products and product support tailored to meet the needs of our diverse customers.


  • Col-Met


    Col-Met Spray Booths is the industry's leading manufacturer of paint finishing equipment. Col-Met has always taken great pride and care in offering a select line of the most energy-efficient, high-quality and environmentally-optimized paint spray booths and finishing systems to try and meet the broadest range of applications. From “floor model” bench spray booths to complete industrial finishing systems, Col-Met understands that every finishing operation has specific needs and requirements necessary to get the job done right. Col-Met Spray Booths manufactures paint booths, spray booths, finishing booths, powder booths, air makeup units, mixing rooms, batch ovens and accessories for industrial, automotive, wood finishing and other applications.


  • Columbus


    Since 1965, Columbus Industries has been a leader in the air filter industry by being an innovative, proactive and technically supportive manufacturer of the highest quality filtration products, such as air filtration and paint booth filters, that efficiently solve customers' increasingly diverse and demanding needs. Columbus Industries supplies cutting edge filtration technology to the leaders in air quality.


  • DELFIN Industrial Vacuum

    DELFIN Industrial Vacuum

    DELFIN is a leading manufacturer of industrial vacuum cleaners and heavy duty industrial vacuums. Since 1991 it manufactures a wide range of state of the art industrial vacuum cleaners specifically designed to meet the needs of every field of the industry. Delfin’s mission is to provide the best industrial vacuum solution to exceed the most stringent quality standards in the industry.

    R&D, an innovative approach and the passion for its industrial vacuum cleaners have led the company to develop a wide and specific range of product, with no equal on the market.

    The chemical-pharmaceutical field is one of the most demanding, in terms of the quality and safety of the equipment used: this is why Delfin vacuum cleaners are widely used and much appreciated by a wide array of worldwide renowned customers, including several of the most important and reputed pharmaceutical industries.

    Stainless steel, ATEX explosion proof vacuums, HEPA / class H filtration, minimum noise levels, customized modifications of the equipment... these are just a few of the commonly requested features in a very demanding sector. Such requirements apply to both vacuums used for direct extraction on mass production of medicinal products (tablets etc.), or for cleaning services in safety areas (white rooms, etc.). Similar requirements come from the chemical sector, where the focus is on maximum safety, and Delfin vacuums provide a full guarantee against the risks implied by the frequently explosive and/or toxic nature of the materials used.


  • Deltech


    Deltech provides compressed air users with a broad range of innovative, problem-solving products to make the user's air operations safer, more reliable and more economical. Each and every product combines a level of innovation and performance that sets the standard for the next generation of compressed air treatment products.

    Deltech delivered the "first"…

    • · Multistage coalescing filter to remove oil, dirt and water in a single unit
    • · Breathing air purifier to protect workers from airborne respiratory hazards
    • · Packaged air treatment system that filters, dries and discharges contaminants – in a single unit
    • · Continuous-duty breathing air purifier that supplies 100% of the inlet air as Grade D breathing air
    • · Electronic automatic drain valve
    • · Modular oil-water separator
    • · U.S. manufacturer in the compressed air industry to have its entire product line registered under ISO 9001


  • Donaldson


    Donaldson develops, manufactures, and markets a full line of industrial hydraulic filters for the protection of machinery and components in hundreds of applications -- in the factory and on heavy duty-mobile equipment. Whether the need be for filter housings, filter heads, replacement cartridges, spin-ons (e.g. Donaldson Duramax™) or hydraulic accessories, turn to Donaldson.


  • Eaton - Begerow

    Eaton - Begerow

    Eaton – supplier of complete solutions for depth filtration applications – develops, manufactures, and provides top-quality depth filter media for a wide range of applications in food and beverage industries, chemical, fine and specialty chemical, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries as well as in biotechnology. Eaton´s Begerow® Product Line offers a variety of equipment and system solutions for the application of BECO® depth filter media and a wide range of Beverage Treatment products.


  • Eaton - Hayward Filtration

    Eaton - Hayward Filtration

    Eaton combines worldwide engineering, manufacturing, technical sales support, and customer service into one focused business objective: Provide our customers with the optimum manufacturing or industrial filtration solutions.


  • Eaton Filtration - Ronningen-Petter

    Eaton Filtration - Ronningen-Petter

    Eaton combines worldwide engineering, manufacturing, technical sales support, and customer service into one focused business objective: Provide our customers with the optimum manufacturing or industrial filtration solutions


  • Ellis Corp.

    Ellis Corp.

    Ellis is recognized as an industry leader and has a reputation for delivering the best technologies at competitive pricing. Over the years, Ellis has established an excellent reputation in the laundry and wastewater treatment industries with several product innovations, such as oil/water separators, dissolved air flotation, and inclined plate clarifiers.


  • Empire


    Empire has specialized in the design and manufacturing of air blast equipment for over sixty years. Today, they produce the most extensive line of pneumatic blasting equipment in the industry. Empire earned it's reputation as a leader in air-blast technology by developing products that meet both specific and general customer needs, and they have the best warranty in the industry. In addition to ProFinish® Systems, Empire's product line includes ProFormer™ cabinets, Econo-Finish® and Modified cabinets, fully Automated blast systems, Hoffman Blast Rooms, and SuperBlast® Portable blasters. Additionally, Empire manufactures AAC Mercury High Energy Centrifugal Disc Deburring Systems.


  • Evoqua Filtration

    Evoqua Filtration

    Evoqua Water Technologies is a leader in water and wastewater treatment products, systems and services for industrial and municipal customers. We offer a wide range of proven product brands and advanced water and wastewater treatment technologies, mobile and emergency water supply solutions and service contract options. Every day, millions of people and thousands of companies rely on Evoqua Water Technologies to help them meet their needs for clean water. 


  • Finite


    Parker Finite Airtek Filtration Division (FAF) is a world leader in compressed air treatment, industrial process water chillers and carbon dioxide (CO2) purifiers for the beverage industry boasting four distinct brands: Airtek, domnick hunter, Finite and Zander. They offer a dedicated solution for every application, including compressed air treatment, industrial process water chillers, and breathing air systems.


  • Global Filter

    Global Filter

    Global Filter provides "Validated Filtration Solutions to Industry Leaders"® Some of the world’s largest companies trust their most critical filtration requirements to Global Filter. Advanced technology is a pillar of Global Filter’s business and they’re known as a leader that successfully tackles the difficult challenges. Their engineers and technicians work closely with customers to identify specific filtration needs and provide research and development support for major filtration projects.


  • Global Finishing Solutions

    Global Finishing Solutions

    Global Finishing Solutions is the world's leading manufacturer of paint booths, spray booths, and finishing systems for industrial coating and finishing, automotive body shops, aerospace finishing, and truck and large equipment finishing. GFS leads the way in spray booth innovation, and is dedicated to providing the most energy-efficient and ecologically-friendly paint environments.


  • Graco


    Graco offers systems, products and technology that set quality and production standards in a wide range of fluid handling applications including spray finishing and paint circulation, lubrication, sealant and adhesives, processing, as well as power application equipment for the contractor industry. Founded in 1926, Graco's ongoing investment in fluid management and control will continue to provide innovative solutions to a diverse global market.


  • Great Lakes Air

    Great Lakes Air

    Great Lakes Air Products manufacturers a complete line of compressed air treatment equipment, and specializes in a wide variety of compressed air drying equipment, as well as filtration and condensate removal products. Great Lakes Air is well known for the industries longest standard product warranties, and it's engineering and production versatility for custom engineered products


  • Hankison


    Hankison is dedicated to supplying quality compressed air treatment products worldwide. Hankison participates in numerous trade memberships, has obtained global certifications for its major product lines, and has achieved ISO 9001 certification, the internationally recognized standard for quality assurance. Hankison understands the global need for sustainable productivity. With over 65 years of experience Hankison guarantees quality compressed air treatment solutions for their valued customers. Continual focus on developing innovative products, commitment to expanding their customer's compressed air knowledge and meeting all industry standards and certifications allows them to rise above the competition.


  • Harmsco


    Harmsco manufactures liquid filtration products including water filters, residential filtration, industrial cartridges, cartridge housings, whole-house filters and a unique Harmsco® Hurricane® and Waterbetter® filter.  At Harmsco, potable, municipal, ground, process, surface, storm water, and wastewater filtration solutions are custom engineered and manufactured to meet your requirements.


  • Islip Flow Controls

    Islip Flow Controls

    IFC manufactures and stocks a full line of Flow Control Products. Most product lines are available in sizes up to 60” in diameter and pressures up to 10,000 PSIG. Readily available and stocked materials of construction are cast and ductile iron, bronze, carbon steel and stainless steel in pressure classes 125 lb through 1500 lb. For extreme and special operating conditions, products manufactured from special alloys can also be supplied.


  • ITW – Binks & Devilbiss

    ITW – Binks & Devilbiss

    Binks and DeVilbiss are familiar names to industrial finishers. Their combined expertise spans more than two centuries. As brands that the marketplace has come to rely on, Binks and DeVilbiss joined forces in 1998 as ITW Industrial Finishing to become the primary solution source for industrial finishing operations. From spray guns and accessories to pumps and plural components metering and mixing equipment, Binks and DeVilbiss are the best choices for standard application and fluid delivery products.


  • Jonell Filtration Products, Inc.

    Jonell Filtration Products, Inc.

    JONELL JAF Industrial Air Filters are designed for use with most brands of industrial engines. JAF Series filters are available in a variety of filter medias and highly robust in steel framing materials. The carefully designed combination provides the highest in solids holding capability and application compatibility while maintaining the heavy duty total design required to withstand the toughest applications.


  • Kaydon Filtration

    Kaydon Filtration

    Kaydon Filtration has set the standard in oil filtration and conditioning that others have tried to duplicate. Beginning with the breakthrough performance of the 832P system and moving up to the current state-of-the-art Turbo TOC® Turbine Oil Conditioning System, Kaydon Filtration continues to respond to specific needs in the marketplace with innovations that are designed to perform – now and for decades to come. Kaydon Filtration coalescers are specifically formulated to efficiently separate water from a variety of fluids like aviation fuel, diesel fuel, turbine oil, etc.


  • Knight Filtration

    Knight Filtration

    Knight Corporation has manufactured liquid filter bags and other filtration products for industrial applications throughout the world. SK15 and SK30 filter housings in carbon steel or stainless steel accommodate most size 1 and size 2 filter bags and can handle up to 100 gpm. Most styles are in stock and ready to ship!


  • Koch


    Koch Filter Corporation is a world class manufacturer of air filtration products. Koch Filter is recognized globally for its premier brand of high efficiency air filtration products and the industry's broadest range of air filters for any application. Koch Filter has evolved into a full-line supplier of after-market filter products, offering the industry's broadest range of air filters for any existing housing.
    Koch Filter Corporation uses the Koch Green Icon to designate product lines that contribute to a sustainable environment in various ways. Whenever the Green Icon is seen, know that products meet or exceed the 'Green' criteria in one or more of the following categories:  Earns LEED points, Reduces energy costs, Extends filter lifecycles, Conserves resources, Improves Indoor Environmental Quality.


  • Legris


    Parker Legris designs, develops and manufactures connection solutions that enhance its customers' productivity and profitability. A Division of the Parker Hannifin Group since 2008, Parker Legris has developed its core competencies in 3 major activities: Connectic (push-to-connect fittings for all industries), Transair (rapid fittings for industrial plants), and Autoline (quick connectors for automotive industry).


  • Manchester Tank

    Manchester Tank

    MANCHESTER TANK, a division of McWane, Inc., is the premier manufacturer of pressure vessels for the containment of propane, compressed air, and chemicals in the United States, Canada, Australia and Chile. The company's broad product line includes Department of Transportation (DOT) approved steel and aluminum cylinders ranging in size from 5 to 420 pounds and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) approved steel tanks ranging in size from 1 to 30,000 gallons.


  • Matrix Separations

    Matrix Separations

    Matrix is a worldwide leader in filtration and separation product innovation focused on high performance and reliability.  Thier products include: XLC Filter Cartridges, E-Series Wound Depth Cartridges, SNO-SPUN (Thermally Bonded Cartridge), Molded Resin Bonded Filters, Filter Bags, Carbon Cartridge Filters, Filter Vessels and Pleated Cartridges.


  • Midwest Filtration

    Midwest Filtration

    Midwest Filtration provides an extensive inventory with a complete range of woven and non-woven media available for quick shipment. Custom designs in any media can be produced to fit any required configuration in a fully equipped lab made to evaluate client’s filtration needs and select the most cost-effective filter media for the job. Midwest's engineered products applications include: emergency dust sampling kits, motor fan covers, laboratory animal care products and HVAC Filters.


  • NES Company

    NES Company

    NES Company Inc. manufacturers and distributes an extensive selection of pumping equipment for the industrial, commercial, and heating markets. We specialize in Nash* liquid ring vacuum pumps. Our product lines include a large selection of replacement Nash* pumps up to 42,000 CFM, engineered systems, as well as one of the largest selection of remanufactured Nash* pumps.

    NES Company has a legacy of expertise developed over decades of experience with industrial pumping and heat transfer equipment. This expertise enables us to provide crucial problem solving assistance and ultimately to recommend the best solution. Over the years NES has grown from a former regional NASH* heating equipment sales company into a full service industrial distribution, design, sales, and service company.

    NES offers a full line of aftermarket NASH* liquid ring vacuum pumps, heat transfer equipment and engineered systems. Our product lines include: liquid ring vacuum pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, atmospheric air and steam ejectors, condensate units, boiler feed units, and field service. Our liquid ring vacuum pumps range in capacity from 10 CFM up to 42,000 CFM.

    *Nash is a registered trade mark of Gardner Denver Nash. NES Company Inc. has no affiliation with Nash, Nash Engineering or Gardner Denver Nash.


  • Parker Process Filtration

    Parker Process Filtration

    Parker’s engineering expertise spans the core motion and control technologies – Aerospace, Climate Control, Electromechanical, Filtration, Fluid & Gas Handling, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Process Control and Sealing & Shielding. Their product offerings include Liquid Process Filtration Cartridges, Bags, Vessels and Membranes.


  • Peco


    PECOFacet creates contaminant management solutions that fuse innovative technologies, standard products, advanced testing and services. Their global resources allow the easy propogation of these solutions from one facility to another throughout the world. The outcome generates improved operational metrics that drive sustainability and profits. PECOFacet has a reputation for providing quality filtration engineered products and innovative Advanced Technology products to deliver solutions to their customers’ most challenging contaminant management needs.


  • Purolator


    Purolator Facet, Inc. is a creative engineering and manufacturing organization offering superior fluid mechanics and porous media technology to address specific needs for diverse worldwide markets. Custom and standard products are available for fluid filtration, fluidization, acoustic attenuation, separation, transpiration cooling as well as many other applications. Markets served include Aerospace, Industrial, Chemical Processing, Oil Well Completion, Power Generation, and others. Purolator Facet manufactures and designs filters, elements, indicators, switches, scavenge lube oil kits, cabin air filters, and acoustic media.


  • Reading Technologies

    Reading Technologies

    Reading Technologies has been at the forefront of air purification with their patented inverse-flow filtration and separation technology. This Air Purification Technology is not limited to spray painting and is providing clean air on robotics, food processing, bottling/brewing, injection molding, semi-conductor, CNC machines, laboratory, and air tools.


  • Seebach Filtration

    Seebach Filtration

    Seebach Filtration produces tailor-made solutions for use in the automobile and chemical industries, mining, the pharmaceutical industry, the food and drinks industry, and for particle filtration in hot or chemically aggressive gases and fluids. Seebach is able to achieve flexibility and optimum adaptation to customer requirements due to their highly skilled staff and modern processing machinery They manufacture tools and moulds for producing custom-made filters . Filter media like stainless steel meshes, laminates, or metal fibre fleeces are supplied by well-known manufacturers from all over the world.


  • Sefar American / Filtra Spec Inc.

    Sefar American / Filtra Spec Inc.

    Sefar is the leading manufacturer of precision fabrics from monofilaments for the screen printing and filtration markets. Sefar products are used in a wide variety of industries, reaching from electronics, graphics, medical, automotive, food and pharmaceutical applications to aerospace, mining & refining and architecture. With its profound under- standing of the applications Sefar helps its customers to achieve optimum results in their industrial processes. Sefar offers an extensive line of wire cloth products in all alloys and grades, as well as press paper, cellulose pads, DE and Carbon impregnated filter paper, felts, non-wovens and woven roll goods.


  • Sethco


    Sethco is a leading manufacturer of filtration systems for transferring and filtering a wide range of industrial corrosive liquids. Sethco products include cartridge and bag filter chambers, in-tank/out-of-tank filtering systems, carbon purification/filtration chambers and systems, and custom filter systems plus replacement filter bags, cartridges and media.


  • Shawndra Products

    Shawndra Products

    Shawndra™ has developed the broadest industrial air and gas filter product line in the industry and has developed a significant number of proprietary and patented products. Included are Shawndra’s R-100 filter vessel, a product completely changing the game in filtering natural gas from the well head to turbine (and all along the pipeline); their Threaded Product (a replacement for sewn end elements); their Liquid Duplex Filter; Desiccant Filters; sophisticated ASME code filter vessels, and a host of non-destructive testing services, through its subsidiary A&E Testing.


  • Solberg


    Manufacturer of Inlet Air Filter-Silencers and Exhaust Air Oil Mist Filters for the air compressor, blower, engine and vacuum pumps. Solberg is a filtration, silencing and separation specialist dedicated to engineering and manufacturing innovative solutions that help customers in a wide variety of markets.


  • Strainrite


    Strainrite offers liquid filtration products throughout North America. The combined capabilities and approvals in automotive, paints, coatings, adhesives, plating, inks & chemical industries makes Strainrite a great choice for your filtration partner.  Strainrite's product lines are comprised of liquid filter bags and cartridges, and filter bag and cartridge housings.


  • Thermal Care

    Thermal Care

    Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturer

    Thermal Care is a leading manufacturer of water chillers, process cooling equipment, cooling towers and systems for applications worldwide. As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, Thermal Care provides heat transfer equipment for over 50 industries and specializes in meeting the specific needs of our customers by offering both standard and custom designed industrial process cooling solutions.


  • Tower Tech

    Tower Tech

    Tower Tech's patented Modular Cooling Tower, the world's most efficient cooling tower, has been specified by more than a thousand discerning users who demand the greatest process efficiency and the best reliability and built-in redundancy.


  • Transair


    Transair, a product line by Parker Hannifin, is a quick connection piping solution. Parker has an extensive history of application success within the fluid and gas handling industry. Parker’s team of highly qualified application engineers, product development engineers, and system specialists are working in the forefront of the piping industry to developed this innovative range of quick connect piping solutions for liquid, inert gases and compressed air.  In addition to its professional clean look, ease of use and flexibility, the Transair compressor piping solution never corrodes or degrades leaving your compressed air system free from iron particulate contamination.


  • VAF Filtration Systems

    VAF Filtration Systems

    For 30 years VAF Filtration Systems has been providing filtration solutions worldwide with a business model built on Simplicity, Quality and Integrity.  VAF filters qualify for LEED and ARRA funding, as all materials, manufacturing and assembly are done in the US.  VAF was incorporated in 1979 with a charter to distribute and manufacture innovative fluid handling equipment for industry. In 1993 VAF began manufacturing automatic self-cleaning water filters and control valves leading up to the introduction of the V-Series(TM) filter in 2002.


  • Van-Air


    Van Air Systems is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of products for the treatment of compressed air and gas. Van Air Systems offers both standard and custom-engineered products, including single tower deliquescent dryers, refrigerated & regenerative compressed air dryers, natural gas & biogas dryers, adsorbent & deliquescent desiccants, particulate & coalescing filters, automatic condensate drains, and after-coolers.


  • Vincent Corporation

    Vincent Corporation

    Vincent Corporation specializes in the design, engineering and manufacture of screw presses. These are machines that squeeze liquid out of organic material, operating in a continuous (not batch) mode.  Vincent's strongest selling tool is a rental fleet of over one hundred fifty machines. This includes Series CP, KP, VP and TSP presses, along with auxiliary Fiber Filters, shredders, and static screens (used for pre-thickening).  Vincent Screw presses have been installed in over a thousand sites in more than thirty countries delivering results in highly challenging and equally demanding industrial applications.


  • Yardney Filtration

    Yardney Filtration

    Yardney offers a complete line of filtration systems for industrial and commercial applications. The Yardney industrial product line includes three distinctly different types of backwashing media filters including the technologies of Sand Media filtration, Multi-Media filtration and Granular Activated Carbon filtration.