Balston Parker

    Balston Parker Centro provides the broadest range of Parker Balston Filters for your industrial compressed air needs, including merging, particulate, adsorption filters, dryers, filter-regulator-lubricator combination units, compressed air accessories, and nitrogen generators.

    Certified to ISO 9001, Parker Balston's quality management systems provide products that meet your filtration requirements and exceed your performance expectations.

    Parker Balston's superior industrial and specialty gas filtration products produce lower differential pressures and higher dirt-holding capacities. They offer a variety of efficiencies, so the media you select is sure to fit your filtration needs.

    Their steam filters eliminate widespread contamination, taste differences, and odors in food and beverage products and facilitate sterilization in hospitals and pharmaceutical processing facilities.

    Parker Balston has been a leading provider of high-quality products and services for more than 70 years. They offer some of the most effective and efficient filtration solutions in the industry, including compressed air filters, gas filters, and air treatment systems.


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