Ronningen-Petter (RPA) / Eaton Filtration

    Ronningen-Petter (RPA) / Eaton Filtration

    RPA/Eaton is a leader in liquid filtration and represents Ronningen-Petter (RPA) legacy filtration products. Centro continues to supply and support Ronningen-Petter filters.

    Centro is a distributor of the best self cleaning and backwash filtration systems by RPA/Eaton. From automatic self-cleaning filters to industrial strainers, RPA/Eaton is the industry leader in all your backwashing needs.

    Save on inefficient filters with automated cleaning cycles.
    The Eaton Automatic Self Cleaning Filter provides a filter that won't clog up while still providing you with high-quality water filtration. Using a self-cleaning filter will save on water, chemical consumption, and labor costs that would have been spent on changing out expensive filters!

    Mechanically Cleaned Filters – Ronningen-Petter (RPA)
    Eaton offers the DCF (disk cleaning filter) self-cleaning and MCF magnetically coupled filters to reduce product loss, require minimal operator intervention, and improves flow consistency. RPA/Eaton's mechanically cleaned filters eliminate the need for disposable filters.

    Tubular Backwashing Filters – Ronningen-Petter (RPA) 
    RPA/Eaton offers tubular backwashing filters, the AFR and AFC, in multi-station units, single units, automated systems, manual systems, and in nominal ratings from1 micron to 1650 micron on water-like liquids up to 500 psi. Flow ranges from 5 GPM to 3000 GPM and higher.

    >> Download Eaton's Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters and Strainers Brochure