3M Purification / CUNO

    3M Purification / CUNO Centro is proud to be an authorized distributor for 3M Purification, known for its top-notch filtration products like the CUNO liquid filtration products. For over 90 years, 3M has been providing high quality filtration products and solutions to meet the most challenging water and industrial filtration needs. From equipment maintenance and manufacturing processes to water quality solutions for all types of businesses, 3M Purification offers a range of options.

    Our selection of Cuno liquid filtration products is the best on the market, ensuring you always get the cleanest and highest-quality results. If you're looking for quality, reliability, and effectiveness, look no further than our DF Series Filter Systems,  High Flow Filter System,  Depth Filter Cartridges, and Surface Filter Cartridges, Charge Modified Filter Cartridges, Large Diameter Cartridges, Bag Filters and Specialty Systems, Metal Cartridges, and Industrial Filter Housings. With 3M's expertise in the filtration industry, you can trust that Centro will provide you with the most reliable and effective solutions available.