3M Purification / CUNO

    3M Purification / CUNO

    3M offers a wide-range of industrial water filtration products and solutions – from water quality to industrial manufacturing to industrial equipment. 3M  has been in the filtration business for over 90 years and provide high quality filtration products to address challenging filtration processes in the Water, Industrial and Biopharmaceutical markets. Together with Centro, 3M  is always ready to assist customers with their most challenging filtration problems.

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    3M™ DF Series Filter Systems
    Key Filter Cartridge Benefits

    - Easily retrofits standard bag filter housings
    - Provides up to four times or more life than conventional bag filters
    ​- Reduces filter media rupture, contaminant by-pass and unloading
    - Simplifies filter installation, removal, and disposal
    - Reduces holdup volume by up to 67% or more
    - Magnetic inserts extend life even further


    3M™High Flow Filter System
    Key Filter Cartridge Benefits

    The 3M™High Flow Filter System is a result of 3M's extensive filtration experience applied to delivering high flow filter technology in a compact design. For those customers who want filtration efficiency and a small footprint, 3M™High Flow filter system may be the right filtration solution.

    - High flow capability
    - 3M™High efficiency filter media in a compound radial Pleat structure
    - Compact system design
    - Ease of use with twist-to-lock
    - 3M™High Flow HFM series filters for organic and/or biological contaminants



    Depth Filter Cartridges 

    3M Purification Inc. offers a full line of cartridges in a cylindrical depth filter construction in various materials, configurations, and grades designed to meet the application needs.

    Micro-Klean™ RB Series Filter

    Nominally Rated

    - Micro-Klean™ RT Series Filters
    - Micro-Klean™ D Series Filters 
    - Micro-Klean™ CS Series Filters
    - Surface Filter Cartridge

    Absolute Rated

    - Betapure™ BK Series Filters
    - Betapure™ PK Series Filters
    - Betapure™ AU Series Filters 
    - Betapure™ NT-T Series Filters 
    - Betapure™ CMP Series Filters 


    Surface Filter Cartridge

    For those applications where use of surface filter cartridges is advantageous, 3M Purification offers an extensive line of absolute rated cartridges in various materials of construction, configurations, and grades designed to meet the applications needs.

    Polypropylene Betafine™ Series Filters

    - Betafine™ DP Series Filters 
    - Betafine™ XL Series Filters
    - Betafine™ PP & PG Series Filters 
    - Betafine™ PEG Series Filters 

    Membrane LifeASSURE™ Series Filters

    - LifeASSURE™ IMC Series Filters 
    - LifeASSURE™ EMC Series Filters
    - LifeASSURE™ ER Series Filters
    - LifeASSURE™ PFS Series Filters


    Charge Modified Filter Cartridges

    3M Purification offers a full line of charge modified depth cartridges (Zeta Plus™ Series Filters) composed of cellulose and diatomaceous earth materials, trapping contaminants smaller than the rated pore size via electrokinetic adsorption.

    - Zeta Plus™ A Series Filters
    - Zeta Plus™ Activated Carbon Series Filter
    - Zeta Plus™ U Series Filters
    - Zeta Plus™ U2W & UW Utility Series Filters


    Large Diameter Cartridges, Bag Filters and Specialty Systems

    3M Purification offers the following large diameter cartridges, bag filters, and specialty products.

    Large Diameter Cartridge Systems

    - 3M™ 740 Series Filters
    - 3M™ High Flow Series Filters 

    Bag Products

    - 3M™ Series NB Filter Bags 
    - 3M™ DF Series Filters
    - 3M™ 100 Series Filters 
    - 3M™ 500 Series Filters 

    Speciality Products

    - NanoSHIELD™ Hollow Fiber Series Filters 
    - CUNO™ CTG-Klean Systems
    - Activated Carbon 


    Metal Cartridges 

    For those applications where use of reusable metal based cartridge is preferred, 3M Purification offers the below products

    - CUNO™ EF Series Self Cleaning Metal Filter 
    - CUNO™ Metal Screen Filters 
    - CUNO™ Sintered Metal Filters 


    Industrial Filter Housings

    3M Purification carries a complete line of filter housings for use in industrial applications offering superior quality, ease of use, flexibility, and economy. From single cartridge housings to large multi-cartridge housings designed to handle flow rates in the thousands of gallons per minute, 3M Purification provides housings capable of meeting even the most stringent process requirements.

    3M™ Bag Housings

    - 3M™ BHN Series Bag Housings
    - 3M™ BH Series Bag Housings 
    - 3M™ DF Series Bag Housings
    - 3M™ ME Series Bag Housings

    3M™ Filter Housings – Single Cartridge

    - 3M™ 1A Series Filter Housings 
    - 3M™ 1B Series Filter Housings
    - 3M™ 1M Series Filter Housings
    -  3M™ 1H Series Filter Housings
    -  3M™ GP101 Series Filter Housings
    - 3M™ CT Series Filter Housings S

    3M™ Filter Housings – Multi Cartridge

    - 3M™ 1BD Series Filter Housings 
    - 3M™ AL Series Filter Housings
    - 3M™ VC Series Filter Housings
    - 3M™ PC Series Filter Housings
    - 3M™ P Series Filter Housings 
    - 3M™ DC & SS Series Filter Housings 
    - 3M™ ES Series Filter Housings