Seebach / John Crane

    Seebach / John Crane Centro is proud to be an authorized distributor of Seebach Filtration, a leading producer of innovative filtration solutions. In 2018, Seebach was purchased by John Crane, a reputable name in the rotating equipment solutions industry.

    With expertise in manufacturing tailor-made systems for various industries ranging from mining to pharmaceuticals, Seebach is known for its flexibility and ability to adapt to customer needs. Their highly skilled staff and modern processing machinery make Seebach a reliable partner for innovative and effective filter solutions. With well-known worldwide manufacturers supplying filter media such as stainless steel meshes and metal fibre fleeces, Seebach offers a comprehensive range of filtration systems and media. Whether you're in the automobile, chemical, or food and drinks industry with hot or chemically aggressive gases and fluids or searching for particle filtration, Seebach has you covered.