Automation & Robotics Divison

The Automation and Robotics Division has a wide variety of experience and capabilities. This division is a resource for customers who need or desire to update or integrate new products or applications into their existing systems.

Centro provides various solutions that can help you automate various tasks in your business. Our core services include Process and Automation MRO Products like consigned inventory, vendor-managed inventory, and dedicated customer stock. In addition to customer training Centro's Automation and Robotics Division provides core services like:

- Control Panel Design and Fabrication
‚Äč- Engineered Guarding Solutions
- Automated Conveyor Solutions
- Robot Consulting and Programming
- Cartesian Design and Fabrication


Do industrial automation and control solutions make sense for my company? 

Almost every company can benefit from some level of automation because the time saved by automating processes can be used for other important tasks. When companies automate successfully, they can often increase their margins by cutting costs. We have experience with many of the most popular PLC, HMI, and SCADA hardware and software systems with the ability to configure and program a new system or re-write or trouble shoot an existing PLC system.

Top Automation and Robotics Vendors FREE BROCHURE: Top Automation and Robotics Brands 
Are you a prime candidate for automation and robotics solutions? Discover the value of automation and robotics in delivering on the long-term success of your operation. Get our free product spotlight on the top brands In automation, robotics, and industrial control.

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Overton Robotics Leasing LEARN MORE: Overton Automation Robotics Leasing Services
Up-front costs don't have to prevent our customer's receiving the the long-term benefits of Automation & Robotics innovation. We're changing the cost equation for small to mid-sized manufacturers with Overton Robotics Leasing. Request a program overview and let's find a robotics solution with an initial investment that suits your operation.

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Guide to Air Cylinders FREE BROCHURE: An Expert Guide to Air Cylinders
Air cylinders are offered in various industry standards and come in multiple shapes, sizes, and types within these standards. At first glance, the number of options can be a bit overwhelming. This guide focuses on a few of the most popular types of cylinders.

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Control Panel Shop LEARN MORE: UL508A Certified Control Panel Shop
The Support Group within the Automation & Robotics Division of Centro, Inc., is a Certified UL508A Panel Shop that designs and builds a wide range of specialized control panels from single push-button stations to advanced multi-bay enclosures.

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Drive Inside Package LEARN MORE: Drive Inside Standard Drive Package 
Save time, reduce risk, and simplify drive installations with the Centro, Inc. Drive Inside standard product. The Centro Drive Inside is designed to be a “ready to install” high-quality drive solution. 

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Expertise in Robotics Integration and Application

Centro works with customers to develop custom robotics solutions. By integrating robotics, IOT, material handling, and other technologies, we help customers achieve task automation and achieve their material handling goals.

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Machine Vision (Machine Control) System Solutions

We have experience working with machine vision inspection systems. Our systems help customers improve their processes and products subject to human fatigue or error. Our intelligent systems ensure that every item is inspected against a machine programmed standard that is not subject to human fatigue or failure.

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Automated Identification Systems (Sensors)

Using bar code scanners and RFID automated identification systems are available to integrate data acquisition information with your existing applications. We can meet customer needs for handheld, fixed position, or mobile devices.

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