Automation & Robotics Divison

  • ABB, Inc.

    ABB, Inc.

    ABB provides a full range of low voltage solutions to connect, protect, control and measure a wide range of electrical installations, enclosures, switchboards, electronics and electromechanical devices. ABB is a pioneering technology leader that works closely with utilities, industry, transportation and infrastructure customers to write the future of industrial digitalization and realize value.


  • AirTAC


    Centro is proud to partner with Airtac, an industrial powerhouse that consistently delivers high-quality pneumatic components. With Airtac, professionals across a wide range of industries can benefit from their top-of-the-line air cylinders, valves, fittings, solenoid valves, and more. These components are designed and manufactured with long-lasting, reliable, and safe operation in mind, specifically for harsh industrial environments.


  • Airtrol Inc.

    Airtrol Inc.

    Airtrol has developed a line of miniature pneumatics to fit light-medium applications. These devices are designed for use in small, lightweight and precision tasks. Airtrol’s pressure and vacuum switches activate electrical connections when a setpoint is reached, and are used to monitor pressures of various fluids. They can be used to control compressors or pumps, turn on indicator lights and control electrical signals.


  • Aladco


    Centro is the leading distributor of Aladco, a leading manufacturer of pilot-operated pneumatic check valves built to last. Aladco is known for its versatile, reliable pilot-operated pneumatic check valve with manual override capabilities.


  • Alpha Technologies / Aignep

    Alpha Technologies / Aignep

    With nearly 100 years of combined experience Alpha Technologies and their partner Aignep. have become worldwide leaders in the production of pneumatic accessories, fittings, valves, and cylinders. 


  • Apex Tool Group | Cleco

    Apex Tool Group | Cleco

    Cleco Tools is a business unit of ApexTool Group that specializes in a complete offering of assembly power tools and heavy-duty material removal tools. Apex Tool Group was formed in 2010 and is a merger of Cooper Tools and Danaher. Today, Apex offers a wide range of products to suit their industrial companies' needs, with products from their most popular brands: Crescent, GearWrench, Armstrong and Weller, and Cleco.


  • Applied Motion Products

    Applied Motion Products

    Applied Motion Products specializes in cost-effective, high-precision motion control products. They offer a variety of stepper and servo, drives, motors, controllers, gearheads, and power supplies to serve industrial and OEM customers.


  • AUBO Robotics

    AUBO Robotics

    Centro is proud to be an authorized distributor of AUBO Robotics, a leading manufacturer of collaborative robots. Since its establishment in 2015, AUBO has become a national high-tech enterprise specializing in researching and developing these revolutionary machines.


  • Aventics


    AVENTICS (formerly BOSCH Rexroth Pneumatics Valves, Producer of Ceram™ Valves) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pneumatic components, systems, and customer-specific applications.


  • Balluff


    Balluff produces high-quality industrial sensors and sensor systems with enormous versatility for position measurement, identification, object detection, process media monitoring, and a comprehensive portfolio for industrial image processing. Balluff’s wide range of sensor products is designed to meet a broad spectrum of customer requirements and include everyday industrial applications for use in extreme and harsh environments.


  • Block USA Inc.

    Block USA Inc.

    Centro is a proud distributor of transformers and power supplies made by Block USA Inc., one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Block has an impressive history of setting standards worldwide, and Centro can ensure that you have access to its quality products.


  • Canfield Connector

    Canfield Connector

    Centro is proud to be a distributor of Canfield Connectors, a leading manufacturer of interconnection devices. Canfield Connectors are renowned for their durability and performance and have been trusted by countless businesses in various industries.


  • Captron


    As an authorized distributor of Captron, Centro is proud to offer its customers access to some of the most advanced and innovative sensor systems available today. Captron specializes in intelligent sensors and actuators for industrial applications, and its products are used in a wide range of industries, including automotive, medical, manufacturing, and aerospace.


  • Chicago Pneumatics

    Chicago Pneumatics

    Chicago Pneumatics has been delivering precision tools for over a century for a variety of industries, from automotive and construction to everything in between. Their durable pneumatic and electric tools are designed to get the job done quickly and efficiently, and with a wide selection of products available - from power drills to air compressors - Chicago Pneumatics offers the right equipment for any task.


  • Chromalox


    Centro is proud to be an authorized distributor of Chromalox, a leading manufacturer of advanced thermal technologies. Chromalox specializes in delivering Temperature Management Solutions for pipes, valves, tanks and other industrial applications.


  • Cooper Power Tools / Cleco

    Cooper Power Tools / Cleco

    Cleco is a global leader in manufacturing and delivering world-class assembly solutions including DC electric and pneumatic assembly tools, and pneumatic power motors. Cleco’s expertise is the culmination of 120 plus years of delivering assembly tools and systems for a wide range of applications in the automotive, energy, aerospace, and general industries. This expertise is differentiated by the superior quality and performance in a wide range of tools that consistently offer innovative, long-lasting, and safe solutions. Cleco’s solutions are focused on increasing productivity while enhancing the users’ experience with simplicity of set-up, ease of use, and focus on comfort and safety.


  • Datalogic USA

    Datalogic USA

    Datalogic is a technology leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, specialized in the designing and production of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors for detection, measurement and safety, vision and laser marking systems.


  • Ellis Kuhnke Controls

    Ellis Kuhnke Controls

    Ellis Kuhnke Controls is both a manufacturer and a distributor of pneumatic industrial controls. This company manufactures and distributes a complete line of primarily pneumatic control devices. These include pneumatic timers, indicators, counters, valves, cylinders, regulators, rotary actuators and various fittings. For more information visit


  • Enfield Technologies

    Enfield Technologies

    Enfield Technologies is an expert in high performance proportional control systems. Their standard product line focuses on pneumatics. With custom products and engineering services, they also apply their expertise in other areas of fluid power, electromechanical systems, and control electronics. New developments in pneumatic technology are opening doors for design engineers to create unique, market leading products and systems. Enfield Technologies is leading this innovation.


  • Exergen


    Exergen's range of products includes the Exergen Thermometer, SmartGlow Exergen Temporal Scanner, and the Exergen Temporal Arey Thermometer – all designed to meet the highest reliability and accuracy standards and performance.


  • Fabco-Air


    Centro is proud to be a distributor of Fabco-Air. For over 50 years, Fabco has produced high-quality and dependable pneumatic components with the latest technologies in engineering and manufacturing. 


  • Fibro


    FIBRO is a leading global supplier of rotary tables and planetry systems since 1962.Their comprehensive range of table styles and sizes, along with an ability to produce "specials", ensures that FIBRO can handle your applications. Rotary indexing tables from FIBRO are used as swivel axis or axis for positioning as well as a workpiece carrier in machine tools and in assembly applications. Thousands of units have been incorporated as essential components into highly productive machines around the world. The quality, the performance and the large product line meet whatever requirements our customers have.


  • Fortress Interlocks

    Fortress Interlocks

    Fortress Interlocks helps customers protect their personnel and capital assets. The company has over 40 years of experience in the safety market, designing and manufacturing safety access and control systems. These systems create safe workplaces where employees in industrial environments are safeguarded from injury and equipment is protected from damage.


  • Freelin-Wade


    Freelin Wade is a top plastic, nylon, and polyethylene tubing manufacturer. With decades of experience in the industry, you can trust that their products are reliable and built to last. Their tubing products come in many sizes, colors, and configurations, so you can find exactly what meets your needs. When you buy from Centro, you’re getting the best in plastic and polyethylene tubing – backed by Freelin Wade's reputation for excellence. 


  • GSM


    For more than 15 years GSM has been manufacturing and distributing its high-class products worldwide. Whether machine safety fence systems, transport systems, platforms, transfers or customized solutions - GSM is always the right partner. 


  • Hammond Manufacturing

    Hammond Manufacturing

    Hammond Manufacturing is a global company with customers worldwide. 700 plus team members work together to deliver on the promise of quality products and service excellence. High performance manufacturing equipment and continuous improvement management techniques combine to enhance Hammond's reputation for quality. For more than 100 years, customers who have required unsurpassed performance, wide selection and durability for power distribution, racks and enclosures have relied on the Hammond brand.


  • IDEC


    IDEC is a renowned manufacturer of control components, relays, timers, and PLCs dedicated to creating the perfect environment for humans and machines since its inception in 1945. IDEC's products are designed with the "Save & Safety" philosophy in mind, ensuring that they are both technologically advanced but also energy-efficient and safe.


  • IXON Cloud

    IXON Cloud

    Centro is thrilled to be part of the IXON Cloud family. As a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), IXON Cloud enables companies to optimize their operations through the use of advanced edge gateways, sensors, and software analytics.


  • Larco


    Larco offers you a wide range of access technologies, designed to deliver the ultimate in safety and security in any environment, from manufacturing facilities to public entrances. For more than 50 years, Larco has been developing high-performance, innovative technologies to keep workers, data and facilities safe and secure. They are dedicated to offering the best value, by delivering the highest quality products at competitive prices, all backed by exceptional service. It’s a commitment that has made them an industry leader.


  • LittelFuse


    Littelfuse offers the industry’s broadest and deepest portfolio of circuit protection products, with growing platforms in power control and sensing. They are expanding into adjacent markets as part of a corporate strategy of accelerated organic growth and strategic acquisitions. These markets include power semiconductors, heavy-duty switches, magnetic, optical, electromechanical, and temperature sensors; and products that provide safe control and distribution of electrical power.


  • Macron Dynamics

    Macron Dynamics

    Macron Dynamics, Inc., a manufacturer of linear and mechanical motion components and systems, provides automation solutions for applications found throughout the U.S. and around the globe. For more than 25 years, Macron has refined each component and every product through time-tested installations and experience. Macron products are built with the highest quality materials, assembled in the USA, and engineered to withstand the abuses of rigorous, daily usage. The result is a combination of versatility, positioning repeatability durability, and virtually maintenance-free operation.


  • Mem-co


    Mem-co is a premier designer and manufacturer of high quality, miniature barbed air fittings for science and industry. Mem-co fittings feature flawless silver solder joints and are all 100% inspected.Mem-co supplies over 750 Configurations of standard and hard-to-find fittings that are in stock ready for immediate delivery. Mem-co also makes custom fittings for your applications specific demands.


  • Mencom Corporation

    Mencom Corporation

    Mencom Corporation provides high quality, cost-effective solutions that meet industrial electrical connector requirements. Our highly trained staff of experts utilize decades of electrical and electronic industry-related experience to develop the highest quality products available. Mencom offers a complete line of custom-made and off-the-shelf electrical connectors.


  • Milwaukee Cyclinder

    Milwaukee Cyclinder

    Centro is your go-to source for top-quality pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, including the Milwaukee Cylinder Leveling System. As an authorized distributor of Milwaukee Cylinder products, you can trust us to provide you with superior cylinder solutions that meet your unique needs.


  • Mountz


    Mountz provides torque tool solutions to a variety of industries like aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, medical, packaging and more. Controlling torque is essential for companies to ensure their product''s quality, safety and reliability.Using a torque tool has become increasingly important for many companies to ensure that proper torque is being applied and maintains gauge requirements associated with the ISO 9001 Quality Standard.


  • Murrplastik


    Innovation is the lifeblood of progress, and advancements in robotics are no exception. Centro's partnership with Murrplastik Systems has provided a boon to the robotics industry with its cutting-edge wire and cable management products.


  • Neugart USA

    Neugart USA

    Neugart develops, produces and sells planetary gearboxes and custom gearboxes. Neugart gearboxes strive to fulfill the most diverse requirements, depending on the type of gearbox application a client intends to use. Highly dynamic, linear handling applications demand robust, high-performance components. Thanks to the low weights of the drive components, multiple axis systems achieve a positive regulating effect and, as a result, offer more-efficient throughput times. Pick-and-place systems, on the other hand, demand high repeatability and a corresponding system rigidity that promotes fast and precise placing.


  • Noshok


    If you're looking for high-quality gauges and transducers, then you need to look at Centro. As an authorized distributor of NOSHOK, one of the industry leaders in pressure measurement solutions, Centro can provide you with access to an extensive range of state-of-the-art products.


  • Numatics (ASCO Numatics)

    Numatics (ASCO Numatics)

    Numatics Incorporated is a leading manufacturer of pneumatics and motion control products. Their broad spectrum of custom developed products and application components have made a significant impact on pneumatic innovation as well as pneumatic and motion control technology.  With the introduction of the 2005 and 2012 Series Valves with advanced integral Fieldbus electronics, Numatics has again established a new benchmark for industry. Today, their product depth covers all major pneumatic component categories: Air Preparation, Motion Control, Valves, and Accessories.


  • Patlite


    PATLITE is a leading provider of innovative LED status indicating lights, sound alarms, visual and audible communication network system and solutions which enhance the safety, security and comfort of workplaces and communities. Our optical, acoustic and electronic engineers have decades of experience developing innovative signaling products with outstanding quality and performance reliability which are required by high and stringent standard of the industry. The PATLITE broad range products are being dedicated to improve quality control, productivity and safety in production plants.


  • Pfannenberg, Inc.

    Pfannenberg, Inc.

    Pfannenberg, Inc. is a Global Manufacturer of Thermal Management, Liquid Cooling Solutions and Signaling Technologies. Their liquid cooling solutions provide the critical cooling required for manufacturing processes including machine tooling, plastic injection molding equipment, food & beverage extrusion equipment and x-ray/vision systems. Visual and acoustic signaling devices protect personnel and equipment satisfying numerous alarm, warning, and indication requirements, including: machinery operating status, process monitoring, system startup, and building or area evacuation due to fire, toxic gas leak, chemical spill, or intruder alert.


  • Pizzato


    Pizzato is a global manufacturer of position switches, micro switches, safety devices, safety modules, foot switches, control and signaling devices, and devices. Pizzato is a trusted name in providing high-quality products that are designed to last.


  • Pro-face


    Pro-face is a company that needs no introduction to those familiar with Human Machine Interfaces and Industrial Personal Computers. As the first manufacturer to produce a touchscreen flat panel operator interface, Pro-face has been setting the standard for decades. Their products are known to connect to more third-party devices than any other such devices in the industry.


  • Renco Controls

    Renco Controls

    Manufacturer of Ergonomically Designed Pneumatic and Electric Two-Hand No-Tie-Down Controls.  A two-hand no-tie-down control is a device which requires an operator to have both hands on the control (not in a pinch point) in order to activate a cylinder. If an operator ties one button down and attempts to operate the control with one hand on the other button the control will not give an output signal.


  • RK Electronics

    RK Electronics

    Centro is a leading distributor of industrial electrical automation control components RK Electronics. RK Electronics offers a wide range of standard products including pumping, liquid level, and intrinsically safe relays. Their standard products have many applications for a variety of customers in multiple industries.


  • ROLLON Corp

    ROLLON Corp

    ROLLON is a leading manufacturer of linear motion systems, guides and linear actuators. Principal products include ROLLON’s Compact Rail linear guide, Telescopic linear guides and our ActuatorLINE™, and Uniline family of actuators, that are designed to meet the requirements of engineers involved in machine design applications in the primary fields of industrial automation and robotics. ROLLON Corp. has a dedicated engineering staff located throughout the USA and servicing all of North America. ROLLON engineers are experienced in applications across a variety of industries including plant assembly, packaging machinery design, industrial automation, machine tools and robotics, semiconductor, medical and pharmaceutical plus other capital equipment such as construction and specialty vehicles, aircraft, and passenger trains. ROLLON has a demonstrated capability in creating engineered solutions and custom products for OEM’s and machine builders everywhere to solve unique and difficult applications.


  • Ross Controls

    Ross Controls

    As an authorized distributor of Ross Controls, Centro is your trusted source for high-quality and reliable pneumatic controls, safety valves, and other fluid power components.


  • Saginaw Control & Engineering

    Saginaw Control & Engineering

    Saginaw Control & Engineering specializes in manufacturing both standard stock and custom designed electrical enclosures. All products are protected with the highest quality powder finish available in today’s market. SCE standard stock electrical enclosures, includes NEMA Types 1, 3, 3R, 4, 4X and 12. They can customize any standard stock enclosures to meet the customer's needs. SCE can also manufacture carbon steel, galvanized steel, or stainless steel enclosures.


  • Schmalz


    Schmalz Inc. is part of the international Schmalz-Group. Schmalz is one of the worldwide leaders in technology for automation, handling, and clamping and offers innovative and efficient vacuum solutions. Schmalz products are deployed in widely ranging production processes.


  • Schunk


    SCHUNK is one of the largest manufacturers of Automation Components, Tool Holders, and Workholding equipment. Their Automation Components include grippers, rotary actuators, and linear actuators.

    In the Tooling and Workholding Equipment categories, they offer lathe chucks, chuck jaws, stationary clamping devices, tool holders, and unique tooling solutions.


  • SICK Optics

    SICK Optics

    From factory automation to logistics automation and process automation, SICK is one of the leading sensor manufacturers. SICK is one of the world's top producers of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial automation applications. 


  • Sola Heavy Duty – EGS Electrical Group

    Sola Heavy Duty – EGS Electrical Group

    SolaHD total power quality solutions keep production lines moving while keeping people, equipment and information safe. Prevent the costly effects of poor power quality with our comprehensive line of products that convert, protect and back up power throughout production facilities. If it needs power, it needs SolaHD.


  • Stilson


    Stilson is the originator of the Rota-Clamp; the Ajusto-Jaw; the Vac-Set; the Wedge Lock Actuator; a complete line of Cushion Rolls, including the One-Way Roll and the Split-Roll. Stilson Products offers a wide range of diverse industrial products including: Machine Tool products used for clamping, indexing, holding, handling locating and positioning, Material Handling products used for conveying, rolling, stopping, handling, holding, positioning, protecting and aligning and Wedge Lock Actuator products used for locking, pulling and positioning. 


  • Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America

    Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America

    Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA) is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI), one of the largest manufacturers of machinery in Japan, and the global leader in power transmission knowledge and innovation. The unmatched strength of our companies in terms of product breadth, application experience and global presence clearly establishes Sumitomo as the premier power transmission and control solution provider.


  • Swivellink


    Swivellink is a leading provider of industrial mounting solutions, and Centro is proud to be an authorized distributor of their products. Their products are used in hundreds of different applications in all types of industries. Swivellink's goal is to intelligently design a flexible product line that will solve automation problems. The possibilities are endless for your automation product solutions.


  • TimeMark


    From circuit board design to finished product, Time Mark’s engineering and production team can turn a simple idea into a working product. Their products include: 3-Phase Monitors, 3-Phase Testers, Time Delay Relays, Alternating Relays, Voltage and Frequency Monitors, Current Monitors, Liquid Level Controllers, and Transformers & Transducers.


  • Vortec


    Vortec’s line of innovative products include Vortex Tubes, Cold Air Guns, and Vortex Enclosure Coolers for spot and enclosure cooling; Personal Air Conditioner vests for worker comfort and safety in extreme temperatures; Energy Saver Nozzle and Jet to blow off and clean while conserving compressed air and reducing factory air-related noise and operating costs; Round Transvectors and Curtain Transvector Air Knives for air conveying, surface cooling, static elimination and blowing off of wide areas; and Dual Force Drum Pump & Vacuum to spill and sump clean up and liquid material handling.


  • Walther-Werke


    Walther Electric Corporation is an international company committed to serving customers around the world with innovative plug and receptacle systems. Walther has been known for its innovative design and manufacturing capabilities for not only meeting, but often exceeding the industry requirements for higher safety demands, better performance and standardized electrical systems.


  • Wenglor


    Centro is proud to be an authorized distributor of Wenglor, a leading manufacturer of industrial automation and sensing solutions. Since its founding in 1981, Wenglor has been dedicated to providing innovative products that meet the needs of numerous industries. From automotive to appliances, their reliable components can detect objects quickly and precisely, even under the most challenging conditions.


  • Wittenstein


    The Wittenstein Group possesses exceptional expertise for the mastery and further development of all technologies relevant to mechatronic drives. They have unrivaled know-how in the field of drive and measurement systems for nanotechnology applications.


  • Yaskawa Industrial

    Yaskawa Industrial

    Yaskawa is the world's most extensive AC Inverter Drives, Servo and Motion Control, and Robotics Automation Systems manufacturer. Yaskawa's collection of general purpose drives offers full-featured and versatile variable speed drives for every automation application needed in the industrial plant.