Signet / Georg Fischer

    Signet /  Georg Fischer Centro provides a broad product range of Signet/Georg Fischer measurement technologies for different parameters. The brand is renowned for manufacturing reliable products that ensure high-precision control and data accuracy. Furthermore, the combination of their innovative drive technology, control functions, and communication technologies makes their solutions ideal for industrial automation applications

    All Signet/Georg Fischer products are available in plastic fittings, which provide improved flexibility when it comes to installation. Offering superior performance and durability, these sensors are ideal for applications that require precise monitoring or controlling of various processes. At Centro, we understand the importance of accurate measuring systems and strive to offer outstanding value with our comprehensive selection of Signet/Georg Fischer products. Our unmatched expertise enables us to offer the best advice and support to ensure that you get the perfect products for your needs. For more information about Signet/Georg Fischer Flow, pH, conductivity meters, transmitters, and controllers available at Centro, please contact us today.