Alco Valves

    Alco Valves Centro is a leading distributor of Alco Valves – trusted manufacturers of instrument valve manifolds for use in industrial environments. For over 40 years, Alco Valves Group has been providing high-quality, reliable valves for use in critical applications around the world. When you purchase an Alco valve, you can be confident that you are getting a product built to last.

    Instrument valve manifolds are control systems used in industrial instrumentation and process control. They consist of an assembly of two or more instrumentation valves, allowing for a wide variety of fluid media to be piped between instrument components. This enables instrument technicians to measure, regulate, adjust, and monitor the flow of instrumentation media in a system. Instrument valve manifolds are often used to precisely control critical safety and efficiency parameters such as pressure, temperature, level, flow, speed, and position. By combining multiple instrumentation valves into one manifold unit, instrument technicians can reduce installation time while ensuring accurate and reliable measurements.