Niagara Meters | Aaliant

    Niagara Meters | Aaliant Niagara Meters have long been recognized for their reliable, accurate flow measurements in different industries. Centro is well versed in Niagara's popular Aaliant branded strain gauge target meter - a popular precision instrument designed to measure highly accurate strain or force measurements. It is perfect for industrial and research applications such as stress testing, load monitoring, and product development. Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport and install wherever needed.

    With over 150 years of experience manufacturing flow meters and instrumentation, Niagara Meters products are the go-to choice for water measurement, wastewater treatment, HVAC/R, medical gas flow monitoring, and more. That's why Centro is proud to be an authorized Niagara Meter distributor--we offer customers only the best products and proven designs they can trust. Niagara Meters are built to last and provide reliable performance during even the most demanding industry operations.