Hoffer Flow Control

    Hoffer Flow Control

    Hoffer turbine flow meters can be found in service worldwide and are regarded as a reliable, cost-effective method for achieving high accuracy flow measurement. Hoffer turbine flowmeters are simple to operate and maintain. Features on the Hoffer turbine flow meters include dynamic response time, wide flow range capability, and the ability to customize the turbine flow meter for a specific flow application. Custom features may include the design of the flow meter housing, a unique blade angle on the turbine meter rotor assembly, special materials of construction, etc.

    Hoffer Flow Controls and Turbine Meter Advantages Brochure

    Hoffer Flow Controls offers the most extensive selection of turbine flow meters when compared to any other flowmeter manufacturers in the world. Their MF Series of mini-flowmeters provides flow measurement capability from .007 to 3.5 GPM and offers twelve different size turbine meters. Their HO Series provides ¼” through 12” turbine flow meters for service in either liquid or gas.

    In addition to the MF Series and HO Series, Hoffer provides 20+ specialty series of turbine flow meters. These specialty series enable Hoffer to offer flow meters that are suitable for the oil & gas industry, power generation industry, cryogenic industry, military flow applications, and aerospace.

    Popular specialty turbine flow meter series include the Graloc, high-pressure flow meters, the Wafer Series, the Autoclave Series of high-pressure turbine meters, the Subsea Series, and the API Series for custody transfer grade performance and meter resolution.

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