Monday, July 31, 2023

For decades, Ross Controls has made high-quality, reliable pneumatic controls and safety valves. Learn more about Ross's featured products, the Pneumatic Electrical Isolation Devices e L-O-X Series and the Energy Isolation L-O-X with EEZ-ON Valves 15 & 27 Series. 

Centro and Ross Controls Have Got Your Pneumatic Control Needs Covered

Safety at Your Fingertips with E L-OX®

The ROSS e L-O-X solution provides a convenient way to locally isolate and verify electrical energy. With the e L-O-X, you have a Stop button to halt the machine and a 3-phase voltage indicator for visual verification. Use the Start button to test the machine and ensure it won't run. The e L-O-X electrical isolation device is helpful for remote locations. No more unnecessary downtime with the new Lockout/Tagout procedures!

Energy Isolation L-O-X with EEZ-ON Valves

Designed for safe and reliable pneumatic system operation, easily identified by their yellow body and blue handle. Soft Start EEZ-ON enables gradual pneumatic pressure re-application, preventing rapid movements that can damage equipment. Threaded full-size exhaust ports for silencers or remote exhaust lines provide fast downstream air exhaust for quick startup. These L-O-X valves can only be locked in the OFF position, with easy shifting, thanks to Fluorocarbon slipper seals. Additionally, they have an integrated sensing port for pressure verification options. 

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