Ross Controls

    Ross Controls

    ROSS CONTROLS® is an international manufacturer of pneumatic valves, controls systems, and safety products for the fluid power industry. Since being established in 1921, ROSS has always been one of the industry's strongest leaders in pneumatic valve technology.

    ROSS' focus is to continue to be a formidable competitor in key industries where its tailored technology offers customers a distinct value advantage. Ross's mission is, "Driven by flexible electro pneumatic technology, we enhance our customers’ productivity through safe and energy efficient devices. We are committed to manufacturing and servicing the highest quality products and processes for our customers. Our employees are the foundation of our business, each of whom performs with integrity for the long-term benefit of our stakeholders and the ROSS family.”

    The ROSS CONTROLS® product offering provides solutions to many industry pneumatic applications including energy isolation, safe exhaust, safe return, safe load holding, press clutch/brake and hydraulic applications including block & bleed and block & stop. Additionally, the ROSS family includes solutions for hazardous locations and process applications.

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