Friday, January 29, 2021

Poor air quality has been an issue for humans practically since we evolved. One of the first truly effective air filters was the HEPA filter, short for high-efficiency particulate air, which filtered out over 99% of particles.

Today, HEPA filters are a household name and set the standard for modern air purifiers. BHA parker is one of the leading names in Filtration equipment that provides removal of dust and oil mists, and for good reason. Parker BHA-UAS products help provide safe clean OSHA compliant working environments.


The DustHog

DustHog is known for creating some of the best dust collectors in the industry. Dust collection can be vital in business, especially if you work in an industrial environment.

​DustHog dust collectors are the most effective and efficient in removal of airborne pollutants in the form of dry particles. These contaminants are often toxic and can lead to an unsafe work environment if not properly controlled. That's why it's critical to select the appropriate industrial air filtration system to solve your company's specific air quality issues.

Many chemicals involved in major industries are carcinogens, such as asbestos, coal dust, and wood shavings, among others. However, cancer's not the only potential risk.

Other particles are too large to be absorbed by the human body. However, they can still cause minor issues, like irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat.

Dust Hog Collector can solve your dust problems and are manufactured by Parker. Parker is just one of many manufacturers that Centro represents.  Centro offers a broad range of efficient and cost effective Industrial Process Solution Equipment.

The SmogHog

Another of the many great BHA products, the SmogHog does for mist what the DustHog does for particles. SmogHog mist collectors are among the most effective and efficient in the removal of mist and smoke for customers using either electrostatic precipitator or fabric style media.

Factories deal with a lot of liquid and gaseous chemicals that are safety hazards if used improperly. One such chemical is chlorine. 

This is where the SmogHog comes in. It helps filter various mists and chemicals out of the air, keeping your workers safer. SmogHog electrostatic precipitator (ESP) mist collectors prevent hazardous emissions from escaping into the atmosphere.

It also has positive effects on the environment. Putting a SmogHog outside your workplace ensures that you aren't releasing as many chemicals and other types of pollution into the atmosphere.

Choose from Parker's wide assortment of bag and barrier-type filtration media to best fit a specific industrial process.

Ducting by Nordfab

One aspect of air filtration that we don't think much about is ducting. Ducts are some of the most integral part of dust, mist, and fume collection systems.
Ducts help to push air from one vent to the next, trapping potential toxins on the way. For a really good duct, you may want to look into Nordfab.

NordFab provide a smooth wall duct, reducing losses therefore reducing static pressure. Centro can visit your facility and design hoods and figure out the most efficient duct routing for easy install.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Nordfab ducting is that it's easy to install. The ducting comes with a specially-designed clamp that fits the various pieces together. This Quick-fit design which allows easy installation. Give your local Centro salesperson a call for more info. 

BHA Filter Bags

Centro carries an extensive range of BHA filter bags and cages, pleated filter elements, cartridge filters and membrane bag filters.

The chemical industry is one of the biggest consumers of filter bags, and use them for everything from paint to varnish.

You can improve the performance and efficiency of your dust collection system with our trusted, reliable filtration solutions. BHA ProTura advanced nanofiber technology achieves higher initial efficiency, cleaner air, lower pressure drop and greater energy savings than commodity filter media.

BHA Parker is known for making air filtration systems, and have produced some of the best products in the business. We've talked about a few of them in this article, but they make plenty of other products, too. We encourage you to do more research on your own if you're interested!

If you want to know more about dust and mists filtration and the role we play in solving your filtration challenges please get in touch or download the Parker Filtration product brochure.

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