Parker (BHA/UAS)

    Parker (BHA/UAS)

    Parker provides clean air solutions that protect your employees, help you remain compliant, improve plant performance and enable you to realize your operational goals: Clean Air.

    Parker's engineering expertise and a broad range of core technologies uniquely position the company to solve the world's most significant engineering challenges.

    Filtration Products

    SmogHog® and DustHog® are now part of Parker Hannifin. Parker has a superior breadth of technologies: BHA® Preveil®, PulsePleat®, ProTura®, and genuine DustHog filters. Cento carries Parker cartridge and cyclone collectors, baghouses, wall mount, and portable collectors. 

    SmogHog mist collectors are among the most effective and efficient in removing mist and smoke for customers in the metalworking industry. Parker offers both Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) technology and merging media filtration technologies.

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