Schmalz Centro, Inc. is the authorized Schmalz distributor for Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Northern Louisiana, and the Florida Panhandle. Schmalz is one of the leading global providers of automation, handling, and clamping solutions.

    With innovative vacuum technology spanning varying production processes worldwide, they offer unique modular systems for highly functional robotic applications and efficient manual-operated handling units. Their easy-to-use Vacuum Clamping Systems guarantee short set-up times with improved comprehensive machining capabilities on your workpieces – making them an industry leader in automated engineering!

    Schmalz's new "smart" vacuum automation systems help further reduce workplace injury risk by offering features such as the Smart Lifter. This Schmalz solution allows workers to move boxes with just a fingertip pressure on either side, doubling the security provided so that no muscular force is necessary. Not only does this innovation add a layer of protection for workers, but it also reduces manpower requirements dramatically. Schmalz systems now allow one worker and the SmartLifter to do what used to take two people -- this marks a significant reduction in labor costs. Even more so, Schmalz offers automation systems such as ELAPOD and FSAB sliders, which make transport even easier and further reduce the risk of injury. 

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