Kämmer / Flowserve

    Kämmer / Flowserve Centro is proud to be an official distributor of Kämmer, a Flowserve legacy brand. Kämmer control valves are top-of-the-line products and provide superior performance in the most demanding chemical, petrochemical, power, petroleum, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, food processing, and cryogenic industries. 

    With the highest quality standards and precision engineering, Kämmer control valves have delivered a reliable performance for years. Centro has been distributing these premium valves since 2008 and is still committed to providing customers with only the best products. With our knowledgeable staff and a comprehensive inventory of parts and accessories, you can trust Centro to deliver what you need when needed. Contact us today to learn more about Kämmer and how we can help you get the most out of your control valves.