Innomag / Flowserve

    Innomag / Flowserve Innomag is a Flowserve brand of sealless, non-metallic, mag-drive pumps. Innomag TB-Mag Pumps are sealless, non-metallic, and magnetically driven.

    Innomag pumps are the first fully thrust-balanced pump able to handle solids. They offer all the benefits of a sealless pump with better material handling capabilities. This technology is a game changer for metals processing and power generation industries, where pumps are needed to handle abrasive materials that can destroy conventional mechanical shaft seals.

    The Innomag design eliminates mechanical shaft seals, which means no friction loss and no chance for leakage from this seal source. The Innomag design is also self-priming, so there is no need for an external prime mover to get up to speed before starting the pump, which means less energy wasted by prime movers just waiting for starters to engage and start the process.