Advanced Sealing Technology

    Advanced Sealing Technology

    Advanced Sealing Technology (AST) is a leading manufacturer of high quality and reliable engineered mechanical seals, components and accessories. AST offers innovative solutions for pumps and other rotating equipment used in mission-critical applications across various industries, including oil and gas, power, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, steel, pulp and paper, marine, water and wastewater, and mining.

    AST manufactures a complete line of cartridge and component mechanical seals for process pumps. The AST 70 single cartridge seal has become the standard for harsh applications.

    The AST 80 dual cartridge seal incorporates liquid shear pumping to remove heat from the seal faces, and can be operated with a pressurized barrier or non-pressurized buffer fluid system (plan 52 and 53). All AST seals are field-rebuildable, giving pump users control over their schedule and budge.

    Simple, Robust and Proven Design

    AST Mechanical Seals

    Easy Seal Training & Lean Rebuilding

    Consistent design through all sizes enables easy seal training and lean rebuilding. Genuine AST OEM seal rebuild kits are available to allow quick, simple, and inexpensive rebuilds at your facility by your people.  Most seal companies require you to return the seal to them for a rebuild. Rebuilding the seal in-house will save you significant time and cost (shipping & inventory cost).

    AST - Rebuilt Kits

    AST Offers Rebuilt Kits

    While many mechanical seal companies require you to ship the used seal to them for repair, AST offers rebuild kits for their mechanical seals, which allow you to quickly and inexpensively rebuild them.  Rebuilding the seal in-house will save you significant time and cost (shipping and inventory costs).

    AST Reservoir

    AST Designed Reservoirs/Seal Pots

    AST reservoirs/seal pots are AST designed.  That means that AST provides certification to in-house pressure test of 55 PSIG, PMI test to 304SS, and visual inspection to an AST specification.  AST reservoirs operate between 3-5 gallons and cooling coils are offered as standard.  Centro maintains AST inventory for immediate delivery.



    Learn more about AST by visting their website: Advanced Sealing Technology website.