Thursday, September 25, 2014

In the Process and Sanitary Equipment division at Centro, Inc., a new piece of equipment has been added.  Brown Fired Heaters is a product line that can be used in a large variety of companies.

For 50 years, Brown Fired Heater has been providing process and tank immersion heaters for petrochemical and refinery applications.  Brown heavy duty fired heaters have provided quick response and cost effective heating of a wide variety of circulating process liquids and gases; including asphalt, natural gas, nitrogen, steam, and hydrogen.

With this line, there is the Type 102 In-Line Process Heaters and Type 302 Tank Immersion Heaters.  The process heaters are for asphalt, heavy oils, process liquids, crude oil, heat transfer fluids, steam superheating, and more.  Immersion heaters are used for process fluids, firewater tanks, asphalt, oil tanks, bioremediation tanks, and oil and water separation.