Thursday, July 27, 2023

Centro, Inc., a leading automation and robotics solutions provider, is proud to announce the addition of AUBO USA Robotics to its line card - giving its customers access to the latest collaborative robotic technology. Including AUBO Robotics provides Centro’s customers with greater access to safety features like collision detection and emergency stop buttons, user-friendly programming interfaces, and remote monitoring and control capabilities. With the addition of the latest in collaborative robotic technology from AUBO Robotics, Centro has set a new benchmark of reliability for its customers.

Centro Inc. Expands Automation and Robotics Capabilities with AUBO USA Robotics

Centro, Inc., a leading automation and robotics solutions provider, is proud to add AUBO Robotics to its company line card. Adding AUBO USA Robotics provides Centro's customers access to the latest in collaborative robotics technology.

"What sets AUBO apart is its ability to develop collaborative robots with complete intellectual property rights and locally produced core parts," says Centro's Automation & Robotics Division Manager Steve Hartling. "This addition gives Centro's customers greater access to the latest collaborative robotic technology."
With safety features such as collision detection and emergency stop buttons built into all AUBO Robotics models, Centro’s customers can expect maximum safety for the robot and human operators. In addition, user-friendly programming interfaces make it easy for operators of any experience level to program the robots while precise accuracy ensures reliable performance, whatever the task. Furthermore, remote monitoring and control capabilities allow users to oversee multiple robots simultaneously for troubleshooting, maintenance, or continued customization.
"By 2025, 50% of manufacturing tasks will be automated." Said Centro CEO Mike Gallagher. "By expanding our automation and robotics capabilities with AUBO, we provide our customers with the most comprehensive solutions available."
AUBO's collaborative robotics have passed numerous international certification standards, including EN ISO 13849-1:2015, ISO 10218, and SEMI S2, which indicates their commitment to safety and stability in their products. 
"We are excited about this partnership with Centro," said Jay Byrd, Director of Channel Development AUBO Robotics USA. "By teaming up, we can provide customers in Centro's territories in the Southeast with access to cutting-edge technology that will help them increase efficiency and reduce costs." 
Almost every company can benefit from some level of automation because the time saved by automating processes can be used for other important tasks. When companies automate successfully, they can increase their margins by cutting costs. In fact, industry thought leaders forecast that by 2025, automation could lead to a 20% reduction in labor costs.