Friday, January 26, 2024

Are you tired of rising fuel costs, staff shortages, and customers demanding higher service? In today's market, these challenges are becoming increasingly common for industrial equipment manufacturers like yourself.

Consider these 5 Factors when Choosing a Heat Exchanger for your Operation


CAPACITY: Don't oversize or undersize - match the exchanger's volume of fluid to your process requirements.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: Can handle temperature approaches of less than 2 F. Also offers ‘U’ valves in excess of 1,500 BTU/hr ft2 F. 

FLOW RATES: Due to the unique turbulence created by the heat exchanger’s corrugated plates, this eliminates stagnant areas in flow and promotes maximum heat transfer.

MATERIAL COMPATIBILITY: Standard material is 316SS, but can provide Hast C-276, Titanium, 254SMO and other alloys.

MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS: HEG’s plate designs lower operating costs realized through maximum thermal efficiency, reduced fouling and less frequent cleaning.

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