Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Advanced Industry Support Team at Centro Inc. has been certified by Schneider Electric for sales and support of the Schneider Geo SCADA product offering. This certification required Centro and our team to complete a 3-day training course, completion of Geo SCADA Test Drive with Schneider personnel and customers and training the Centro Sales Team on the product.  This Certification demonstrates the technical and application skills that the Advanced Industry Support Team can provide customers in process industries.


Centro is Geo SCADA Certified by Schneider Electric

Geo SCADA is an invaluable tool for industrial manufacturing companies. It enables real-time monitoring of physical equipment and processes, allowing them to visualize and respond quickly to any changes in the system.

Geo Scada provides a digital interface that can communicate with existing factory systems, such as production lines or conveyor belts, and gives operators access to detailed data analysis and reporting capabilities. This allows manufacturers to identify potential problems before they occur, improving performance and reducing costs associated with downtime. Manufacturers can maximize efficiency by having this control over their operations while ensuring safety protocols are always followed. Not only does Geo SCADA technology provide these benefits, but it also increases the overall productivity of the workplace, allowing for greater flexibility and speed. Geo SCADA is a powerful tool that can revolutionize industrial production operations and help manufacturers remain competitive. 

Amos Hutchinson, the Operations Manager of Advanced Industry Support at Centro, led his team in completing the stringent requirements to earn Centro the Geo SCADA Certified Representative status. "This certification demonstrates our commitment to excellence in customer service," said Hutchinson. "We are proud to be recognized by Schneider Electric as a partner in delivering their world-class telemetry and SCADA solutions." 

With this Certification, Centro is well-positioned to provide comprehensive support for customers implementing Geo SCADA within their operations. This Certification demonstrates the technical and application skills that the Advanced Industry Support Team can offer customers in process industries, including completion by Centro of a 3-day training course, Geo SCADA Test Drive with Schneider personnel and customers, and training Centro's Sales Team on the product.

For more information about this release, please contact Amos Hutchinson | Operations Manager: Systems Automation at 901-357-1261 or via email at