Stilson Centro, an authorized distributor of Stilson, provides customers access to some of the best products in the industrial market. Stilson is renowned for its innovative industrial equipment, whose originator of products include Rota-Clamp, Ajusto-Jaw, Vac-Set, and Wedge Lock Actuator.

    The One-Way Roll and Split-Roll cushion rolls are examples of the diverse range within the product line. Additionally, Stilson offers several machine tools for clamping, holding, and positioning. These are complemented with material handling products for conveying, stopping, and aligning equipment. And amongst the range of tools offered by Stilson, Stilson Wrench, Stilson Pipe Wrench, and Stilson Spanner stand out for their quality and durability. Customers seeking quality tools should consider Centro as their go-to producer of these products.