Pulsafeeder / Pulsatron

    Pulsafeeder / Pulsatron When it comes to fluid handling technology, Pulsafeeder is a name that stands out. Their hydraulically actuated diaphragm metering pump principle was groundbreaking when it was first introduced in the early 1940s. Since then, they have continued setting standards for the entire industry.

    Centro, as an authorized distributor of Pulsafeeder products, is proud to offer its Pulsatron brand which boasts creative designs without compromising reliability and accuracy. Their engineers have developed a guided check valve system with a proven ‘seat and ball’ design for Plusafeeder Pulsation that ensures reliable and accurate metering year after year. With the Chemtech Pulsafeeder line of products, customers can trust that their fluid handling needs will be met with unmatched quality and expertise.

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