Iboco Centro is an authorized distributor of IBOCO wire management products for electrical enclosures. As a leader in the industry, IBOCO manufactures high-quality wiring ducts and other durable products designed to simplify installation and maintenance.

    The quality and reliability of IBOCO products make them a top choice for any panel builder looking for an integrated wiring system tailored to their needs.The selection of product styles includes slotted, corrugated, solid wall, and finger duct—all backed by customer-focused service and support. When customers buy from Centro they can be sure they receive genuine IBOCO products with reliable performance. Furthermore, Centro offers full sales and marketing support services to ensure our customers have the best experience possible when ordering from us. From our stock of quality IBOCO wire Ducts, slotted Ducts, or standard ducts, Centro has the solutions you need to get your electrical enclosure up and running. So don’t wait - order now and enjoy the benefits of IBOCO wire management products today.