Deltech Deltech provides compressed air users with a broad range of innovative, problem-solving products to make the user's air operations safer, more reliable and more economical. Each and every product combines a level of innovation and performance that sets the standard for the next generation of compressed air treatment products.

    Deltech delivered the "first"…

    • · Multistage coalescing filter to remove oil, dirt and water in a single unit
    • · Breathing air purifier to protect workers from airborne respiratory hazards
    • · Packaged air treatment system that filters, dries and discharges contaminants – in a single unit
    • · Continuous-duty breathing air purifier that supplies 100% of the inlet air as Grade D breathing air
    • · Electronic automatic drain valve
    • · Modular oil-water separator
    • · U.S. manufacturer in the compressed air industry to have its entire product line registered under ISO 9001

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