DELFIN Industrial Vacuum

    DELFIN Industrial Vacuum

    DELFIN is a leading manufacturer of industrial vacuum cleaners and heavy duty industrial vacuums. Since 1991 it manufactures a wide range of state of the art industrial vacuum cleaners specifically designed to meet the needs of every field of the industry. Delfin’s mission is to provide the best industrial vacuum solution to exceed the most stringent quality standards in the industry.

    R&D, an innovative approach and the passion for its industrial vacuum cleaners have led the company to develop a wide and specific range of product, with no equal on the market.

    The chemical-pharmaceutical field is one of the most demanding, in terms of the quality and safety of the equipment used: this is why Delfin vacuum cleaners are widely used and much appreciated by a wide array of worldwide renowned customers, including several of the most important and reputed pharmaceutical industries.

    Stainless steel, ATEX explosion proof vacuums, HEPA / class H filtration, minimum noise levels, customized modifications of the equipment... these are just a few of the commonly requested features in a very demanding sector. Such requirements apply to both vacuums used for direct extraction on mass production of medicinal products (tablets etc.), or for cleaning services in safety areas (white rooms, etc.). Similar requirements come from the chemical sector, where the focus is on maximum safety, and Delfin vacuums provide a full guarantee against the risks implied by the frequently explosive and/or toxic nature of the materials used.

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