Balluff Balluff produces high-quality industrial sensors and sensor systems with enormous versatility for position measurement, identification, object detection, process media monitoring, and a comprehensive portfolio for industrial image processing. Balluff’s wide range of sensor products is designed to meet a broad spectrum of customer requirements and include everyday industrial applications for use in extreme and harsh environments.

    In close collaboration with its customers, Balluff develops high-quality and precise sensors, sensor systems, and networked solutions for different industries. These sensors are suitable for measuring displacement, object detection, fluid measurement, and more.

    Balluff offers high-quality and precise sensors to suit any application. Balluff products can be found in Industrial Networking, RFID, Machine Vision, Optical Identification, Connectivity, Safety, and Power Supplies industries.

    The comprehensive sensor offering from Balluff includes inductive, photoelectric, capacitive, magnetic field, ultrasonic, mechanical cam, magnetostrictive linear position, magnetic linear and rotary encoders, and inclination sensors.

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