Balluff Balluff offers you innovative technical solutions for vastly different requirements and applications from error proofing to Industry 4.0 applications.

    Balluff is regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of sensors. Get the best technological solution for every one of your tasks, meeting all your requirements with maximum precision. Balluff product can be round in these categories: Industrial Networking, RFID, Machine Vision, and Optical Identification, Connectivity, Safety, and Power Supplies.

    Sensor Types

    The comprehensive sensor offering from Balluff includes the following sensor types:

    • - Inductive Sensors
    • - Photoelectric Sensors
    • - Capacitive Sensors
    • - Magnetic Field Sensors
    • - Ultrasonic Sensors
    • - Mechanical Cam Switches
    • - Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensors
    • - Magnetic Linear and Rotary Encoders
    • - Inclination Sensors

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