Ashcroft Centro is an authorized distributor of Ashcroft, a leading distributor in pressure and temperature measurement instruments for use in the steam industry.

    Centro offers Ashcroft products including pressure sensors, transducers, transmitters, pressure gauges, pressure switches, bi-metal thermometers, diaphragm sels, calibration instruments, and much more. 

    ​For over 150 years, Ashcroft instruments have set the standards for accuracy, quality, and dependability in pressure and temperature measurement. Ashcroft have excellent products for just about any application, including pressure gauges, temperature instruments, as well as switches and transmitters. They're trusted around the world for their versatility and endurance. 

    In chemical processing, oil refineries, power plants, pharmaceutical, food, and industrial equipment applications, the Ashcroft trademark is the industry standard for performance and reliability.
    Ashcroft® pressure gauges are supplied in a wide variety of sizes, accuracies and ranges from 0 – 10 in. H2O through 0-100,000 psi.
    Choices include differential pressure gauges, test gauges, sanitary gauges, high-purity gauges, subsea gauges, digital pressure gauges, OEM pressure gauges and more.
    Ashcroft is known for its high-quality, reliable products and there's a specific gauge you can get to meet your requirements.