Alfa Laval | Tri-Clover

    Alfa Laval | Tri-Clover Alfa Laval’s Tri-Clover sanitary mix-proof valves prevent product contamination from other non-sanitary fluids. These products are delivered as complete solutions and can incorporate intelligent control equipment.

    Installation materials such as fittings and tubing of a high hygienic standard are essential components for guaranteeing maximum safety, efficiency, and hygiene of Alfa Laval’s fluid handling systems. 

    The Alfa Laval range of pumps fulfills all requirements for gentle, precision pumping of fluids of all viscosities in hygienic applications. Centrifugal pumps combine high efficiency with careful product treatment. Positive displacement pumps can be found in virtually every industry where gentle, sanitary processing of viscous products is required. Liquid ring pumps are designed for pumping liquids containing air or gas.

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