SCHUNK is one of the largest manufacturers for Automation Components, Toolholders & Workholding Equipment. For Automation Components the offering comprises grippers, rotary actuators and linear actuators. For Tooling & Workholding, they offer lathe chucks, chuck jaws, stationary clamping devices, toolholders and special tooling solutions.



    Fragile Handling with Minimal Deformation

    One of the many essential industries that SCHUNK supports is pharmaceutical and medical supply. As seen in the picture, an electric WSG 32 is being used to handle fragile inhaler parts. One of the main reasons to choose an electric gripper like the WSG for this fragile application is the ability of the gripper to finely adjust the grip force to a minimum of 5N. A SCHUNK servo electric driven gripper allows the operator to give closed loop feedback of position and grip force. As a result, the gripper is able to handle extremely fragile parts with minimal deformation while at the same time handling a variety of different components with SCHUNK precision and reliability.

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