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    Rethink Robotics

    Rethink Robotics®, a pioneer and leading innovator in the field of collaborative robots, is helping manufacturers of all sizes automate more tasks on the factory floor. By providing reliable, safe and affordable cobots, manufacturers can achieve greater productivity, solve for labor shortages and improve quality.


    Their advanced robotic technology, a combination of software and hardware that was developed by a team of manufacturing professionals, powers the easiest to use and fastest to deploy robots in the industry, ensuring a quick return on investment.

    Rethink Robotics’ cobots are safe enough to work side by side with their human coworkers without cages, automating the dull, dirty and dangerous jobs that no one wants. Rethinking automation. Rethink Robotics.


    Rethink Sawyer Collaborative Robots Brochure

    Almost every plant in the world operates some form of line loading and unloading. Rethink Robotics’ smart, collaborative robot Sawyer provides a great solution for the monotonous, yet critically important jobs of moving parts to/from tables, conveyors, and fixtures.


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    Rethink In The Education Industry

    Thanks to the Intera® software, Sawyer is truly easy to use.  The Intera® software platform has a graphical user interface that lets users train the robot, even if they have never written a line of code or previously programmed a robot.  Using the industry leading train-by-demonstration capabilities of Intera®, anyone can interact directly with the robot’s arm to easily train new tasks.  Subsequently, this makes Sawyer the perfect educational robot regardless of the educational level, i.e., high school, tech school, community college, university, etc.

    “Sawyer is the perfect educational robot for a multitude of reasons.  Due to him being a collaborative robot, students can safely get up close and personal with him.  His mobility doesn’t confine him to a single space or classroom.  He’s very easy to program and that makes him a big hit with the students.”

    Tina Finley, EdS. | Instructional Technology Coach- Robotics
    Williamson County (TN) Schools

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    Rethink In The Packaging Industry

    All the cool applications that use Soft Robotics grippers require some type of robot.  Therefore, why not a Sawyer?  We quickly associated Soft Robotics with food applications, and yes, they’re the perfect gripping solution for food picking applications.  Moreover, Soft Robotics grippers are also ideal for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) applications.  They’re also the only gripping solution for product variability (size, shape, and weight). Download A Line Card


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