Automation & Robotics Divison

  • ABB, Inc.

    ABB, Inc.

    ABB provides a full range of low voltage solutions to connect, protect, control and measure a wide range of electrical installations, enclosures, switchboards, electronics and electromechanical devices. ABB is a pioneering technology leader that works closely with utilities, industry, transportation and infrastructure customers to write the future of industrial digitalization and realize value.


  • Ace Controls

    Ace Controls

    Since 1965 ACE Controls has provided superior deceleration and motion control products to meet the needs of the automotive, steel, machine tool, lumber, theme park, medical, and other industries. Their industrial shock absorber innovations include the adjustable and self-compensating models, as well as the more recent award-winning SC2 Heavyweight Series which elevated shock absorber effective weight capacity and energy absorption capability to new heights. In 1999 ACE introduced the ultimate in shock absorber design…the award-winning MAGNUM® Group, offering up to 390% of the effective weight capacity, plus up to 150% of the energy per cycle of standard models.


  • Acme Transformer

    Acme Transformer

    Throughout their 100 years of existence, Acme Electric has developed a growing array of transformer product lines, offering a bold contribution to the Commercial Construction industry. Acme Electric continues the tradition of commitment to a diversified mix of quality transformer products including: DC Power Supplies, Power Condition Products, & Control Transformers.


  • Advanced Industry Support, Inc.

    Advanced Industry Support, Inc.

    Advanced Industry Support, Inc. is part of the Centro Automation & Robotics division and supplies high tech automation equipment including control panels, industrial sensors and controls, machine safety systems, machine vision systems, automated identification systems, systems integration and robotics. AISI can provide custom control panels to complete any project and/or upgrade.


  • Airtrol


    Airtrol Components line of miniature pneumatic components designed for use in light to medium duty applications where small size, light weight and precision are a must.


  • Aladco


    ALADCO ® is the manufacturer of Pneumatic Check Valve Brands: Nu-Check®, Dual-Check®, Clean-Check®, Air-Fuse™, Balance-Check™, and Equa-Check™; Grip-Clamp® Heavy-Duty Automation Grippers, Roller-Cam Clamp™ for Jigs & Fixtures and special machine accessory components.


  • Alpha Technologies/ Aignep

    Alpha Technologies/ Aignep

    With nearly 100 years of combined experience Alpha Technologies and their partner Aignep. have become worldwide leaders in the production of pneumatic accessories, fittings, valves, and cylinders. 


  • Apex Tool Group

    Apex Tool Group

    Apex Tool Group was formed in July 2010 as a joint venture combining two premier tool manufacturers: Danaher Tool Group and Cooper Tools. Together, the two businesses will offer industrial, commercial, and do-it-yourself customers an unparalleled selection of over 30 leading brands, including Crescent, GearWrench, Armstrong, and Weller.

    Guided by a strong team of seasoned industry executives, the new company is dedicated to providing its customers with outstanding products, timely delivery, and customer service that is second to none. Apex Tool Group is committed to product innovation driven by listening to our customers and to continuous improvement in everything we do.


  • Applied Motion Products

    Applied Motion Products

    Applied Motion Products, founded in 1978, specializes in high-precision, cost-effective motion control products. They offer a full complement of stepper and servo, drives, motors, controllers, gearheads, and power supplies to serve a diverse industrial and OEM customer base.


  • Aries Engineering / Hypercyl

    Aries Engineering / Hypercyl

    Aries Engineering Co. is a diversified manufacturer of "hydra-pneumatic" cylinders and presses designed for use in a wide range of assembly and forming applications.  After pioneering new technology in air/oil intensification in 1994, AEC has grown to offer a complete range of assembly and forming solutions for customers in the industrial automation, manufacturing, commercial, and defense industries.


  • Aventics


    AVENTICS (formerly BOSCH Rexroth Pneumatics Valves, Producer of Ceram™ Valves) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pneumatic components, systems, and customer-specific applications. The pneumatic engineering company provides products and services for industrial automation, while additionally focusing on the sectors of commercial vehicles, food and beverage, railway technology, life sciences, energy, and marine technology. By integrating electronics, the use of innovative materials and prioritizing trends such as machine safety and the Internet of Things, AVENTICS is a pioneer in applied and environmentally-friendly solutions.


  • Baldor


    Baldor is a leading marketer, designer and manufacturer of energy-saving industrial electric motors, mechanical power transmission products, adjustable speed drives and generator sets. The company was founded in 1920 on the premise that a better motor is one that uses less electricity, and that belief stands true today.


  • Balluff


    Balluff offers you innovative technical solutions for vastly different requirements and applications from error proofing to Industry 4.0 applications.

    Balluff is regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of sensors. Get the best technological solution for every one of your tasks, meeting all your requirements with maximum precision. Balluff product can be round in these categories: Industrial Networking, RFID, Machine Vision, and Optical Identification, Connectivity, Safety, and Power Supplies.


  • Block USA, Inc

    Block USA, Inc

    BLOCK has been a powerful global partner to trade and industry in the field of coiled products for decades. Everyone working in the electronics sector appreciates the reliability and on-time delivery our brand stands for, especially following the introduction of our blue PCB Transformers. To ensure that it remains this way, BLOCK continues to invest in controllable, rapid and above all reliable in-house production facilities.


  • Canfield Connector

    Canfield Connector

    Canfield Connector is a manufacturer of interconnection devices, electronic timers, connectors, sensors, modules and specialty electronic devices targeted at the fluid power industry. Canfield's Complete Quality Control Program (CQCP) protects customers by assuring them of 100% test and inspection prior to shipment of all items produced at Canfield Connector, including electronic timers and interconnection devices. Product lines include linear actuator sensors, round style sensors, inclinometers, tilt switches, M12 and GT Series (Deutsch Style) mobile connectors, conveyor controls, Can Bus controls, special machine controls as well as time delay relays. With over 100 associates Canfield Connector stands ready to take on your next big innovation and help you bring it to reality.


  • Chicago Pneumatics

    Chicago Pneumatics

    Chicago Pneumatic is a global brand that offers pneumatic and electric tools for almost every industry and countless applications. Since the introduction of Chicago Pneumatic tools in 1901, CP has sought to meet and anticipate customer needs with an ever-growing range of tools. Chicago Pneumatic power tools and compressors get the job done fast and right. They bring power, precision and performance to every task.


  • Chromalox


    Chromalox develops advanced thermal technologies for the world’s toughest industrial heating applications. Chromalox is owned by Spirax-Sarco Engineering plc, which specializes in the control and efficient use of steam, and in peristatic pumping and associated fluid path technologies. Their products are divided into three segments:


  • Cognex


    Cognex advanced machine vision & industrial barcode reader systems deliver instant improvements to any manufacturing process, enabling products to be made at higher speed, without defects and at lower cost.

    Cognex vision helps companies improve product quality, eliminate production errors, lower manufacturing costs, and exceed consumer expectations for high quality products at an affordable price.Typical applications for machine vision include detecting defects, monitoring production lines, guiding assembly robots, and tracking, sorting and identifying parts.


  • Compact Automation

    Compact Automation

    Compact Automation Products belongs to the ITT family of companies. With a dedicated focus on technical solutions to your specific application needs they can supply you with the latest technologies in Hydraulic Cylinders for linear motion and force, Air Cylinders for pneumatic linear reciprocating motion and Linear Actuators that can use different mediums to achieve straight line motion control.


  • Cooper Power Tools / Cleco

    Cooper Power Tools / Cleco

    Cleco® is a global leader in manufacturing and delivering world-class assembly solutions including DC electric and pneumatic assembly tools, and pneumatic power motors.

    Cleco’s expertise is the culmination of 120 plus years of delivering assembly tools and systems for a wide range of applications in the automotive, energy, aerospace, and general industries. This expertise is differentiated by the superior quality and performance in a wide range of tools that consistently offer innovative, long-lasting, and safe solutions. Cleco’s solutions are focused on increasing productivity while enhancing the users’ experience with simplicity of set-up, ease of use, and focus on comfort and safety.


  • Datalogic USA

    Datalogic USA

    Datalogic is a technology leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, specialized in the designing and production of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors for detection, measurement and safety, vision and laser marking systems.


  • Dorner


    Dorner solves industrial, packaging, and sanitary conveyor automation needs. They are a world leader in the design, application, manufacturing, and integration of conveyor systems. Companies from over 1,200 different industries worldwide turn to Dorner to achieve improved efficiency, productivity, and a positive ROI. Industries serverd by Dorner include: Automation, Baking & Confectionary, Dairy & Cheese, Food Handling & Processing, Integrators, Material Handling, Meat & Poultry, Metal Working and other industries.


  • Ellis Kuhnke Controls

    Ellis Kuhnke Controls

    Ellis Kuhnke Controls is both a manufacturer and a distributor of pneumatic industrial controls. This company manufactures and distributes a complete line of primarily pneumatic control devices. These include pneumatic timers, indicators, counters, valves, cylinders, regulators, rotary actuators and various fittings. For more information visit


  • Enfield Technologies

    Enfield Technologies

    Enfield Technologies is an expert in high performance proportional control systems. Their standard product line focuses on pneumatics. With custom products and engineering services, they also apply their expertise in other areas of fluid power, electromechanical systems, and control electronics. New developments in pneumatic technology are opening doors for design engineers to create unique, market leading products and systems. Enfield Technologies is leading this innovation.


  • Exergen


    Exergen’s Industrial Division specializes in manufacturing the world’s most reliable and only self powered Infrared Temperature Sensors, the IRt/c (IR thermocouple), the SnakeEye thermal switches for fast moving glue detection, and the world’s only NIST traceable, handheld IR thermometers, the D Series microscanners. Exergen provides solutions such as Speed Boost Optimization. By properly controlling process temperatures, Speed Boost Optimization increases production speed. High product quality is assured.


  • Exlar


    Exlar's patented actuator technology offers many times the life of ball screw actuators and provides an efficient electro-mechanical replacement for your hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. These digitally controlled products offer several advantages over other technologies.


  • Exor


    EXOR International has been designing, developing and manufacturing solutions in HMI, control, and industrial IoT for nearly half a century. EXOR provides you with easy-to-use tools which express a highly advanced technology fully responsive to the concepts of Industry 4.0.


  • Fabco-Air


    Fabco-Air's product line includes Air Prep., Pancake® cylinders, Square-1® cylinders, tie rod cylinders, Multi-Power® cylinders and presses and Global Series™ extruded body cylinders. Automation components consist of many styles of pneumatic linear slides, rotary actuators, angular and parallel grippers. Fabco-Air offers a full line of control valves, both solenoid and manually controlled, flow controls, and reed, proximity and solid-state electronic sensors.


  • Fanuc Robotics

    Fanuc Robotics

    Centro is a Fanuc integrator and incorporates Fanuc robotics into customer specific solutions. With more than 100 models, FANUC offers the widest range of industrial robots in the world. From aerospace to woodworking, FANUC America offers industrial robots for almost any application with payloads ranging from 0.5kg to 2300kg. FANUC ASI’s are ready to analyze your system requirements and provide a robotic solution that will improve quality, throughput, and productivity to give you the return on investment you are looking for.


  • Fibro


    FIBRO is a leading global supplier of rotary tables and planetry systems since 1962.Their comprehensive range of table styles and sizes, along with an ability to produce "specials", ensures that FIBRO can handle your applications. Rotary indexing tables from FIBRO are used as swivel axis or axis for positioning as well as a workpiece carrier in machine tools and in assembly applications. Thousands of units have been incorporated as essential components into highly productive machines around the world. The quality, the performance and the large product line meet whatever requirements our customers have.


  • Flairline Fluid/Air

    Flairline Fluid/Air

    Flairline Fluid/Air Products provides a wide array of pneumatic and low-pressure hydraulic actuators for all industries. Flairline is a respected industry leader for standard and custom products that provide cost effective solutions for our customer''s machine building demands. Flairline offers a complete range of high quality, round body pneumatic cylinders from ½" through 4" bore, low friction standard, non-rotating torque products, stainless steel cylinders, rod lock cylinders, pneumatic slides, and NFPA standard interchangeable product lines.


  • Fortress Interlocks

    Fortress Interlocks

    Fortress Interlocks helps customers protect their personnel and capital assets. The company has over 40 years of experience in the safety market, designing and manufacturing safety access and control systems. These systems create safe workplaces where employees in industrial environments are safeguarded from injury and equipment is protected from damage.


  • Graco


    Graco offers systems, products and technology that set quality and production standards in a wide range of fluid handling applications including spray finishing and paint circulation, lubrication, sealant and adhesives, processing, as well as power application equipment for the contractor industry. Founded in 1926, Graco's ongoing investment in fluid management and control will continue to provide innovative solutions to a diverse global market.


  • GSM


    For more than 15 years GSM has been manufacturing and distributing its high-class products worldwide. Whether machine safety fence systems, transport systems, platforms, transfers or customized solutions - GSM is always the right partner. 


  • Hammond Manufacturing

    Hammond Manufacturing

    Hammond Manufacturing is a global company with customers worldwide. 700 plus team members work together to deliver on the promise of quality products and service excellence. High performance manufacturing equipment and continuous improvement management techniques combine to enhance Hammond's reputation for quality.


  • Helukabel Cable

    Helukabel Cable

    HELUKABEL® is your one-stop solution provider for cables, wires and cable accessories in the United States. Their wide range of UL/CSA approved cables and wires includes: flexible tray cable for both stationary and flexing applications, high-flex robotic cable for continuous flexing applications, VFD/servo cable, and network bus cable.

    An extensive product portfolio of over 33,000 in-stock line items, along with our custom cable solutions, allows us to supply state-of-the-art connectivity systems for industrial, infrastructure and office applications.


  • HyperCyl


    HyperCyl is part of the Aries Engineering Co., Inc. Aries is a diversified manufacturer of "hydra-pneumatic" cylinders and presses designed for use in a wide range of assembly and forming applications. After pioneering new technology in air/oil intensification in 1994, AEC has grown to offer a complete range of assembly and forming solutions for customers in the industrial automation, manufacturing, commercial, and defense industries.


  • Iboco


    IBOCO delivers an integrated system of specific solutions for panel builder’s needs. Using a broad range of materials and products designed for durability and ease of installation and maintenance, IBOCO has developed a wiring duct system that organizes, retains, separates, identifies, and handles even the toughest panel wiring challenges.


  • IDEC


    Since foundation in November 1945, IDEC has sought to achieve the “Creation of the Optimum Environment for Humans and Machines,” and has developed the most advanced products and technologies while saving energy and ensuring safety based on our "Save & Safety" philosophy. Their products include: Push Buttons, Relays, Timers, PLCs, and Hull’s Light Towers.


  • IEC


    IEC provides a quality, cost effective custom enclosure made up of stainless steel in a time frame that meets your demanding production schedule. Custom features include, but are not limited to, holes, cutouts, mounting options, latching configurations, hinge configuration, viewing windows, EMI/RFI solutions, thermal management, paint finish, and more.


  • La-Man


    La-man's patented Extractor/Dryer® is a proven oil and water separator that has successfully filtered compressed air in the pneumatics industry for over 30 years. In addition to the Extractor/Dryer®, La-Man's line of products include the patented Pneumatic/Dryer & Pneuguard® Oiler series, as well as, LA-MAN-AIR Breathing Systems™, SuperStar™ Membrane Dryers, the Refrigerated Extractor/Dryer™ series, and select Drains & Valves.


  • Larco


    Larco offers you a wide range of access technologies, designed to deliver the ultimate in safety and security in any environment, from manufacturing facilities to public entrances. For more than 50 years, Larco has been developing high-performance, innovative technologies to keep workers, data and facilities safe and secure. They are dedicated to offering the best value, by delivering the highest quality products at competitive prices, all backed by exceptional service. It’s a commitment that has made them an industry leader.




    "The true test of a cylinder is how well it performs in your application." This has been LEHIGH's philosophy since 1948 when they first designed and manufactured the exclusive Miracalube® self-lubricated air cylinder system. This combination of innovative design features plus the finest available materials and workmanship has earned them an industry-wide reputation of excellence.


  • LittelFuse


    Littelfuse offers the industry’s broadest and deepest portfolio of circuit protection products, with growing platforms in power control and sensing. They are expanding into adjacent markets as part of a corporate strategy of accelerated organic growth and strategic acquisitions. These markets include power semiconductors, heavy-duty switches, magnetic, optical, electromechanical, and temperature sensors; and products that provide safe control and distribution of electrical power.




    Today, LÜTZE is one of the leading firms in the automation industry worldwide. With its product categories of cable, connectivity, cabinet, and control, LUTZE offers a comprehensive product portfolio for automated manufacturing in the automotive industry, machine and plant construction, electrical engineering, power generation and distribution, railway and traffic engineering, mining, water treatment, and much more.


  • Macron Dynamics

    Macron Dynamics

    Macron Dynamics, Inc., a manufacturer of linear and mechanical motion components and systems, provides automation solutions for applications found throughout the U.S. and around the globe. For more than 25 years, Macron has refined each component and every product through time-tested installations and experience. Macron products are built with the highest quality materials, assembled in the USA, and engineered to withstand the abuses of rigorous, daily usage. The result is a combination of versatility, positioning repeatability durability, and virtually maintenance-free operation.


  • Mead Fluid Dynamics

    Mead Fluid Dynamics

    Mead has long been a leader in the development of the pneumatic components that shape our industry today, from pneumatic actuators to air presses. Mead's traditional strength has been in the design and manufacturing of pneumatic components for the industrial automation market, including pneumatic valves, pneumatic cylinders and pneumatic actuators.


  • Mem-co


    Mem-co is a premier designer and manufacturer of high quality, miniature barbed air fittings for science and industry. Mem-co fittings feature flawless silver solder joints and are all 100% inspected.Mem-co supplies over 750 Configurations of standard and hard-to-find fittings that are in stock ready for immediate delivery. Mem-co also makes custom fittings for your applications specific demands.


  • Mencom Corporation

    Mencom Corporation

    Mencom Corporation provides high quality, cost-effective solutions that meet industrial electrical connector requirements. Our highly trained staff of experts utilize decades of electrical and electronic industry-related experience to develop the highest quality products available. Mencom offers a complete line of custom-made and off-the-shelf electrical connectors.


  • Migatron Corp.

    Migatron Corp.

    Since 1979, Migatron has used the advanced technology of Ultrasonic Sensing/Control to solve difficult sensing/control problems in a broad range of industries. Ultrasonics is being accepted widely because it has distinct advantages over conventional sensors. Successful applications range from simple, high-speed bottle counting and level detection to very sophisticated closed-loop process control.


  • Milwaukee Cyclinder

    Milwaukee Cyclinder

    Centro is an Authorized Milwaukee Cylinder Distributor. Milwaukee Cylinder, a leader and innovator in the hydraulic and pneumatic actuation field since 1956, is now ISO 9001:2008. Milwaukee Cylinder is a long established and recognized supplier of highly engineered cylinder solutions and is a manufacturer of a standard range of steel and aluminum NFPA tie-rod cylinders for both hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

    Milwaukee Cylinder Corporate Brochure | Centro


  • Modicon / Schneider Electric

    Modicon / Schneider Electric

    ModiconTM is the first name in programmable logic controllers (PLCs). The inventor of the PLC, Modicon introduced the first PLC — the Modicon 048 — in 1968. This invention changed process design moving from complicated hard-wired relay systems to automation system reducing the time, effort, and cost previously associated with modifying a process. The following year, Schneider Electric helped expand the reach of Modicon technology worldwide.


  • Monarch


    Monarch/Bucher Hydraulics is an international leading provider of innovative hydraulic drive and control technologies for mobile and industrial hydraulic applications. They are a leading provider of innovative hydraulic drive and control technologies for mobile and industrial hydraulic applications, suppliers of: AC & DC Power Units, Hydraulic Valves, Dyna-Lift Ergonomic Height Adjustment Systems.


  • Monnier


    The most important factor in the long life of any pneumatic tool or equipment is the quality of the compressed air in the system. Monnier machines integral parts of their assemblies and offers the most flexible manufacturing process in the fluid power industry. Precision machined tolerances give Monnier’s airline filters, regulators, lubricators and accessories unsurpassed strength and quality.


  • Mountz


    Mountz provides torque tool solutions to a variety of industries like aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, medical, packaging and more. Controlling torque is essential for companies to ensure their product''s quality, safety and reliability.Using a torque tool has become increasingly important for many companies to ensure that proper torque is being applied and maintains gauge requirements associated with the ISO 9001 Quality Standard.


  • Murrplastik Systems, Inc.

    Murrplastik Systems, Inc.

    Murrplastik Systems provide solutions to the unique challenges in the areas of cable protection, cable marking, labeling, automation and robotic equipment. Their high-tech plastic products can be found in just about every industrial sector, ranging from the rail and automotive industry through tool making and mechanical engineering to electrical and medical engineering, packaging and woodworking.


  • Neugart USA

    Neugart USA

    Neugart develops, produces and sells planetary gearboxes and custom gearboxes. Neugart gearboxes strive to fulfill the most diverse requirements, depending on the type of gearbox application a client intends to use. Highly dynamic, linear handling applications demand robust, high-performance components. Thanks to the low weights of the drive components, multiple axis systems achieve a positive regulating effect and, as a result, offer more-efficient throughput times. Pick-and-place systems, on the other hand, demand high repeatability and a corresponding system rigidity that promotes fast and precise placing.


  • Noshok


    NOSHOK was one of the first manufacturers to offer a liquid filled pressure gauge. NOSHOK pressure gauges are used in applications in virtually every industry. NOSHOK offerings include Transmitters, Transducers & Indicators, Pressure Switches, Diaphragm Seals, Bimetal Thermometers, Manifold Valves, Needle Valves, Sanitary Instruments, Force Measurement, and Differential Pressure Measurement.


  • Numatics (ASCO Numatics)

    Numatics (ASCO Numatics)

    Numatics Incorporated is a leading manufacturer of pneumatics and motion control products. Their broad spectrum of custom developed products and application components have made a significant impact on pneumatic innovation as well as pneumatic and motion control technology.  With the introduction of the 2005 and 2012 Series Valves with advanced integral Fieldbus electronics, Numatics has again established a new benchmark for industry. Today, their product depth covers all major pneumatic component categories: Air Preparation, Motion Control, Valves, and Accessories.


  • Oriental Motor

    Oriental Motor

    Oriental Motor globally has been providing the optimal motion systems as part of our total service, to meet the widest market demands. Oriental Motor offers an extensive product line-up of about 50,000 different products that provide the optimal motion system. They produce a wide variety of fractional horsepower products including: Stepping Motors, Servo Motors, AC Motors, Brushless Motors, Linear & Rotary Actuators, and Cooling Fans.


  • Parker ISP T-Slot Solutions

    Parker ISP T-Slot Solutions

    Parker IPS T-slot aluminum profile system offers excellent value to many industry applications. Parker T-slot aluminum framing can also save on fabrication time and costly rework expenses versus steel structures. Working closely with customers Parker designs the optimized structure and even adds in non-standard products to tailor fit the application needs. Their high quality extrusions offer multiple wall thicknesses and metric or imperial options for profile designs. Parker has created t-slot structures for machine safety and guarding, clean room enclosures, ergonomic workstations, lean factory solutions and much more.


  • Patlite


    PATLITE is a leading provider of innovative LED status indicating lights, sound alarms, visual and audible communication network system and solutions which enhance the safety, security and comfort of workplaces and communities. Our optical, acoustic and electronic engineers have decades of experience developing innovative signaling products with outstanding quality and performance reliability which are required by high and stringent standard of the industry. The PATLITE broad range products are being dedicated to improve quality control, productivity and safety in production plants.


  • Pfannenberg, Inc.

    Pfannenberg, Inc.

    Pfannenberg, Inc. is a Global Manufacturer of Thermal Management, Liquid Cooling Solutions and Signaling Technologies. Their liquid cooling solutions provide the critical cooling required for manufacturing processes including machine tooling, plastic injection molding equipment, food & beverage extrusion equipment and x-ray/vision systems. Visual and acoustic signaling devices protect personnel and equipment satisfying numerous alarm, warning, and indication requirements, including: machinery operating status, process monitoring, system startup, and building or area evacuation due to fire, toxic gas leak, chemical spill, or intruder alert.


  • Pro-face


    Pro-face has set the standard for Human Machine Interface and Industrial Personal Computers. Pro-face was the first company to produce a touch screen flat panel operator interface, and their hardware and software connects to more third party devices than any others in the industry. Their HMIs and iPCs are the easiest to use, most reliable and advanced in the industry, and their support sets them apart.


  • Renco Controls

    Renco Controls

    Manufacturer of Ergonomically Designed Pneumatic and Electric Two-Hand No-Tie-Down Controls.  A two-hand no-tie-down control is a device which requires an operator to have both hands on the control (not in a pinch point) in order to activate a cylinder. If an operator ties one button down and attempts to operate the control with one hand on the other button the control will not give an output signal.


  • Rethink Robotics

    Rethink Robotics

    Rethink Robotics®, a pioneer and leading innovator in the field of collaborative robots, is helping manufacturers of all sizes automate more tasks on the factory floor. By providing reliable, safe and affordable cobots, manufacturers can achieve greater productivity, solve for labor shortages and improve quality.


  • R-K Electronics, Inc.

    R-K Electronics, Inc.

    R-K manufactures a wide variety of electronic automation control components for the electrical controls industry. They cover very low voltage intrinsically safe relays (no sparking in hazardous areas) up to 600 volt three phase monitoring controls. In addition, R-K also designs and manufactures custom processor-based embedded controllers for our OEMs. These are dedicated PLCs with the hardware, programming and packaging that is specifically designed to what our OEMs need to operate their equipment.


  • ROLLON Corp

    ROLLON Corp

    ROLLON is a leading manufacturer of linear motion systems, guides and linear actuators. Principal products include ROLLON’s Compact Rail linear guide, Telescopic linear guides and our ActuatorLINE™, and Uniline family of actuators, that are designed to meet the requirements of engineers involved in machine design applications in the primary fields of industrial automation and robotics. ROLLON Corp. has a dedicated engineering staff located throughout the USA and servicing all of North America. ROLLON engineers are experienced in applications across a variety of industries including plant assembly, packaging machinery design, industrial automation, machine tools and robotics, semiconductor, medical and pharmaceutical plus other capital equipment such as construction and specialty vehicles, aircraft, and passenger trains. ROLLON has a demonstrated capability in creating engineered solutions and custom products for OEM’s and machine builders everywhere to solve unique and difficult applications.


  • Ross Controls

    Ross Controls

    ROSS CONTROLS® is an international manufacturer of pneumatic valves, controls systems, and safety products for the fluid power industry. Since being established in 1921, ROSS has always been one of the industry's strongest leaders in pneumatic valve technology.


  • SAB


    With an extensive catalog of flexible cables and wires, custom cables, temperature measurement tools and cable harnesses, SAB North America has all your cable needs in check. More than 70 years of experience in temperature measurement and control technique as well as in cable production have made SAB a leader in the industry. Their strength is not only the production of standard products but also the development and manufacturing of special products according to customers' specifications.


  • Saginaw Control & Engineering

    Saginaw Control & Engineering

    Saginaw Control & Engineering specializes in manufacturing both standard stock and custom designed electrical enclosures. All products are protected with the highest quality powder finish available in today’s market. SCE standard stock electrical enclosures, includes NEMA Types 1, 3, 3R, 4, 4X and 12. They can customize any standard stock enclosures to meet the customer's needs. SCE can also manufacture carbon steel, galvanized steel, or stainless steel enclosures.


  • Schmalz


    Schmalz Inc. is part of the international Schmalz-Group. Schmalz is one of the worldwide leaders in technology for automation, handling, and clamping and offers innovative and efficient vacuum solutions. Schmalz products are deployed in widely ranging production processes.


  • Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric develops connected technologies and solutions to manage energy and process in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable. They invests in research and development in order to sustain innovation and differentiation, with a strong commitment to sustainable development.


  • Schunk


    SCHUNK is one of the largest manufacturers for Automation Components, Toolholders & Workholding Equipment. For Automation Components the offering comprises grippers, rotary actuators and linear actuators. For Tooling & Workholding, they offer lathe chucks, chuck jaws, stationary clamping devices, toolholders and special tooling solutions.


  • Shimpo


    The NIDEC-SHIMPO Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer of brushless DC motors. NIDEC Corporation has built out a portfolio of motor technologies that span all industries and is making significant contributions to energy savings by developing and manufacturing highly efficient motor and drive technologies. Since introducing the world’s first mechanical variable speed drive, NIDEC-SHIMPO has expanded into a diverse manufacturer of high precision power transmission systems for highly dynamic motion control applications.


  • SICK Optics

    SICK Optics

    From factory automation to logistics automation and process automation, SICK is one of the leading sensor manufacturers. SICK is one of the world's top producers of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial automation applications. 


  • Sola Heavy Duty – EGS Electrical Group

    Sola Heavy Duty – EGS Electrical Group

    SolaHD total power quality solutions keep production lines moving while keeping people, equipment and information safe. Prevent the costly effects of poor power quality with our comprehensive line of products that convert, protect and back up power throughout production facilities. If it needs power, it needs SolaHD.


  • Spartan Scientific

    Spartan Scientific

    Spartan Scientific manufactures quality DIN-style solenoid valves for general as well as special and custom design applications.  Spartan's solenoid valves include control valves and automatic condensation removal drain valves. Spartan Scientific uses high quality materials and progressive solutions to produce world class solenoid valves, control valves, drain valves and air accessories.


  • Square D

    Square D

    Square D products are recognized as the gold standard of predictable, high quality power distribution. The Square D switchgear, breakers, transformers and control systems are regarded by end users as the workhorses of the industry. Those who build, own, operate and maintain factories, commercial buildings and residential installations have come to trust the Square D brand as reliable, innovative, safe and efficient.


  • Staco Energy Products

    Staco Energy Products

    Staco Energy Products is a manufacturer of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), power factor correction, active harmonic filters, voltage regulation, power conditioning and variable transformers for commercial, industrial, utility and government applications.


  • Stilson


    Stilson is the originator of the Rota-Clamp; the Ajusto-Jaw; the Vac-Set; the Wedge Lock Actuator; a complete line of Cushion Rolls, including the One-Way Roll and the Split-Roll. Stilson Products offers a wide range of diverse industrial products including: Machine Tool products used for clamping, indexing, holding, handling locating and positioning, Material Handling products used for conveying, rolling, stopping, handling, holding, positioning, protecting and aligning and Wedge Lock Actuator products used for locking, pulling and positioning. 


  • Stronguard


    Stronguard® is an industrial guarding line built to solve two needs in automation and manufacturing:

    • Modularity – The design allows product to be stocked on the shelf and assembled in minutes. No more waiting for custom guarding!
    • Strength – Stronguard® was designed and manufactured with durability, longevity, and strength in mind.


  • Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America

    Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America

    Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA) is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI), one of the largest manufacturers of machinery in Japan, and the global leader in power transmission knowledge and innovation. The unmatched strength of our companies in terms of product breadth, application experience and global presence clearly establishes Sumitomo as the premier power transmission and control solution provider.


  • Swivellink


    Centro is now an Authorized Swivellink Distributor. The Swivellink® product line has been used for hundreds of different applications in all types of industries.


  • THK


    THK's creative ideas and unique technology made the company worldwide pioneers in the development of the Linear Motion (LM) Guide mechanism. THK is the mark of linear motion. THK provides Ball Screw/Spline, High-speed Actuator, Servo Press Actuator, Linear Guide, Cross-Roller Ring, Actuator and other products for Robotics.


  • TimeMark


    From circuit board design to finished product, Time Mark’s engineering and production team can turn a simple idea into a working product. Their products include: 3-Phase Monitors, 3-Phase Testers, Time Delay Relays, Alternating Relays, Voltage and Frequency Monitors, Current Monitors, Liquid Level Controllers, and Transformers & Transducers.


  • Vaccon


    From packaging to robotics to semiconductors, Vaccon’s innovative solutions have increased productivity and lowered costs everywhere they are used. All Vaccon pumps are designed to operate in adverse conditions without filters and never lose suction. Their simple, no-moving-parts design means they never wear out, never clog, and their completely maintenance-free operation provides high productivity.


  • Vi-Cas


    Vi-Cas offers an extensive line (over 1000 styles) of vacuum cups and accessories and are manufactured from vinyl, oil resistant vinyl, urethane or silicone. Products include round vacuum cups, oval vacuum cups, soap cups, plastic suction cups, grabbers, tightening discs, rubber grippers & rubber cups. Threaded oval vacuum cups are also available.


  • Vortec


    Vortec’s line of innovative products include Vortex Tubes, Cold Air Guns, and Vortex Enclosure Coolers for spot and enclosure cooling; Personal Air Conditioner vests for worker comfort and safety in extreme temperatures; Energy Saver Nozzle and Jet to blow off and clean while conserving compressed air and reducing factory air-related noise and operating costs; Round Transvectors and Curtain Transvector Air Knives for air conveying, surface cooling, static elimination and blowing off of wide areas; and Dual Force Drum Pump & Vacuum to spill and sump clean up and liquid material handling.


  • Walther-Werke


    Walther Electric Corporation is an international company committed to serving customers around the world with innovative plug and receptacle systems. Walther has been known for its innovative design and manufacturing capabilities for not only meeting, but often exceeding the industry requirements for higher safety demands, better performance and standardized electrical systems.


  • Wittenstein


    The Wittenstein Group possesses exceptional expertise for the mastery and further development of all technologies relevant to mechatronic drives. They have unrivaled know-how in the field of drive and measurement systems for nanotechnology applications.


  • Worldwide Electric Corp

    Worldwide Electric Corp

    WorldWide Electric Corporation manufactures and distributes high quality, affordable industrial electric motors. Their flagship line of WorldWide motors includes a diverse range of motors to fit nearly every low-voltage industrial application, such as Farm Duty, Premium Efficient, Stainless Steel, Pump, and more. WorldWide Electric offers a wide variety of industrial-grade gearboxes and speed reducers for many different applications. Their gear reducer lines include Shaft Mount, Stainless Steel Washdown, Right Angle Worm in both aluminum and cast iron, Helical, and Helical Bevel.


  • Yaskawa Electric America

    Yaskawa Electric America

    Yaskawa is the world's largest manufacturer of AC Inverter Drives, Servo and Motion Control, and Robotics Automation Systems. The Yaskawa brand has been known to set the standards for quality amongst its competitors. Yaskawa takes industrial automation to new levels through robotics. Their Motoman brand of robotic arms, part positioners, and easy-to-program controllers enables the customer to automate applications that weren't possible just a short time ago.