Automation & Robotics

The Automation & Robotics Division has a wide variety of experiences and capabilities. This division is a resource for customers that need or desire to update or integrate new products or applications into their existing systems. Download Our Automation & Robotics Line Card.

Denso ArmIndustrial Automation and Controls | We have experience with many of the most popular PLC, HMI, and SCADA hardware and software systems with the ability to configure and program a new system or re-write or troubleshoot an existing PLC system.  

Machine Vision Systems | We have experience working with machine vision inspection systems.  Our systems help customers improve their processes and products subject to human fatigue or error.  Our intelligent systems ensure that every item is inspected against a machine programmed standard that is not subject to human fatigue or failure. 

Automated Identification Systems | Using bar code scanners and RFID automated identification systems are available to integrate data acquisition information with your existing applications.  We can meet customer needs for handheld, fixed position, or mobile devices.  

UL 508 Panel Shop | Our UL 508A Panel Shop builds its panels following current industry standards and your specific requirements.  We can help you design your custom control system, or we can make your system from your particular design.
Robotics Integration & Applications 
| Centro works with customers to develop custom robotics solutions. By integrating robotics, IOT, material handling, and other technologies, we help customers achieve task automation and achieve their material handling goals.


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    Engineered Guarding Solutions

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    Customer Training

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    Inventory Consignment Programs

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    Conveyor Automation Solutions

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    Control Panel Design and Fabrication

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    Vendor Managed Inventory Programs

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    Robot Consulting and Programing

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    Cartesian Design and Fabrication

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