Friday, June 19, 2020


Top 100 Private Companies: What happens when 2020 happens

By Jason Bolton – Data Editor, Memphis Business Journal

For this week's cover story featuring the list of the Top 100 Private Companies in the Mid-South, MBJ talked to several lead executives of those companies to see how their businesses are handling the pandemic.

Number 85 | Centro

MBJ: How have your customers fared during the pandemic, and how is your staff approaching conversations with them?

Michael Gallagher, president: "Our customers are all classified as essential industries, and our suppliers are all classified as essential industries, so by association with our customers and vendors, Centro is classified as an essential industry.

The big change for us as a company came because of restrictions our customers have put in place to keep the virus from being brought into their facilities. This has made in-person visits a rare exception. In the past, our 21 outside salespeople and six sales managers spent most of their work week conducting in-person meetings with customers.

We have had to adapt to a much more significant emphasis on conference calls, video conferencing, email, and FaceTime as tools to stay engaged in the needs and challenges faced by our customers."


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