Friday, June 29, 2018

AISI-Deal-Picture.jpgWe are pleased to announce that today Centro finalized our acquisition of Advanced Industry Support Inc. of Memphis. AISI was founded by Danny Hodges and John Andreuccetti. AISI is a solutions provider with services that includes integration of electrical and mechanical products to create automation solutions for industrial customers.

AISI will operate as a wholly owned Centro company and will work with the Centro sales organization to serve customers as part of the Automation & Robotics Division. Jerry Walling will assume leadership of our sales efforts, John Andreuccetti will serve as Business Development Manager with responsibility for general management including operations and engineering. Danny Hodges will continue to be responsible for Inside Sales.

Centro salespeople will be responsible for AISI product lines. We want to say thank you to Alan Waxler, Centro CFO and Stacey Baird, Centro Human Resources Supervisor as well as Jerry Walling, Division Sales Manager of the Centro Automation & Robotics Division for their work on this project. We also have to thank Danny Hodges and John Andreuccetti at AISI for their hard work for creating and building AISI and their decision to combine their business with Centro.

About Centro:

Centro Inc., founded in Memphis in 1970, is a specialty representative and distributor company focusing on industrial customers in the Discreet Manufacturing and Process Flow Markets. The company serves industrial customers through six product focused divisions:

    • Instrumentation, Measurement & Control Division
    • Valve, Actuation & Engineered Products Division
    • Purification & Filtration Division.
    • Pump & Seal Division
    • Process Equipment & Sanitary Division
    • Automation & Robotics Division

Centro has experienced significant growth since an ownership change in 2002 and has been recognized by the Memphis Business Journal with a Pacesetter Award. Centro is one of the top 100 Privately Held Businesses in Memphis and was selected by the Memphis Business Journal as Small Business of the Year in 2012.