Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Milton Roy is pleased to announce that the mRoy® series metering pump design has been upgraded to solidly reinforce its position as a truly global product platform.

Over the years, the mROY pump's design has been modified in each major region according to the needs of the local market. However, today, many of our customers have a global presence and are demanding consistency no matter where in the world they source our products.

The mRoy metering pump is changing in some way in every region. In the Americas, the new mRoy pump will mostly incorporate upgrades or additional features. These upgrades will be made in phases.  Although we would have preferred to make all the changes at once, the complications of shifting inventory and the supply chain pipeline in this high volume product without impacting deliveries has driven the decision to introduce changes in phases based on availability and any impact to form, fit, or function.

Click Here to Download the mROY® Metering Pump Product Announcement!

More details coming soon!!!

There will be a lot more details to follow as each phase and feature is ready. We expect some of the features in phase I will begin appearing in September.

We’ll give you more notice as to exact timing and details. We also want to be sure to manage your customer’s expectations and try to be consistent on all pumps on any given order. Please communicate within your office to be sure everyone who needs this information is receiving and reading the email notices.

Change can be difficult, but all of us at Milton Roy are excited about the positive steps we’re taking with the mRoy series. Opportunities for training and tools for your use during this transition are being finalized to make it as easy for you and your customers as possible. We’re also excited that this will give you new opportunities to talk with your customers about this great product that is still innovative, but has a proven performance track record our customers have valued for years.