Solve Your Dust or Mist Problem With Parker BHA Filtration Solutions

January 29, 2021

Poor air quality has been an issue for humans practically since we evolved. One of the first truly effective air filters was the HEPA filter, short for high-efficiency particulate air, which filtered@out@over 99% of particles.Today, HEPA filters are a household name and set the standard for modern air purifiers. BHA parker is one of the leading names in Filtration equipment that provides removal of dust and oil mists, and for good reason.@Parker BHA-UAS@products help provide safe clean OSHA comp...

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Automation and Fluid Power Distributor Channel Partner Reseller Program

January 26, 2021

Centro is the Authorized Distributor for the top brands in Automation, Pneumatics, and Robotics and is experience is provioding seamless support for reseller partners.@

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