Saturday, August 5, 2017

Centro Inc. Appointed as Compact Automation Distributor

Centro Inc. with offices in Memphis, Little Rock, AR, El Dorado, AR Shreveport, LA, Mobile AL, Birmingham AL, Memphis and Nashville, TN has been appointed as a distributor for Compact Automation products.

Centro will distribute the high performance automation product line in Alabama, the Panhandle of Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Western Tennessee.

Centro Inc., founded in Memphis in 1970, is a specialty representative and distributor company focusing on customers in the Process Market. The company serves customer through six product focused divisions:

    • Instrumentation & Automation Division
    • Valve, Actuation & Engineered Products Division
    • Process Filtration Division.
    • Pump & Seal Division
    • Process Equipment & Sanitary Division
    • Compressed Air Division

Compact Automation Products belongs to the ITT family of companies. With a dedicated focus on technical solutions to customer specific application needs Centro and Compact Automation can supply customers with the latest technologies in Hydraulic Cylinders for linear motion and force, Air Cylinders for pneumatic linear reciprocating motion and Linear Actuators that can use different mediums to achieve straight line motion control. With bore sizes from 8mm to 8 inches and forces up to 5,000 pounds, Compact Automation’s small but powerful products are some of the easiest to repair in the field. Compact Automation also specializes in customizing and modifying standard cylinder designs to fit your specific application requirements.

Please contact Michael Gallagher president of Centro in Memphis at (901) 357-1261 with questions or comments or refer to the Centro web site at